Recollection (2021.08.18)

My family unexpectedly won
2 first prizes and 2 second prizes as well in the Lawson lotteries..!

That’s just crazy!!♩

Kids or adults, all of them participated in Lawson’s campaign with all their might
They are a truly loving family ( ; ; )

That reminds me, before I joined, I used to ask my family to help me participate in many of the Lawson’s campaigns 🥛.



I really enjoyed the wafer opening video with Matsuda that I sent to the talk (mobame) yesterday.
It took me a long time to open it.
I got Pomu-nee-! 🐩
Yatta-! Everyone can try pulling it too~~




Speaking of which, in the past, I would always eat Karaage-kun whenever there was an important occasion, like a dance recital or an event.

It’s like a routine, and when I was a little girl, Karaage-Kun was like an important dance amulet.


Who would have thought 😭 that amulet 😭
The Karaage-Kun that I had so many memories of 😭
I can’t believe there’s a Sakurazaka version now 😭

This is an amazing thing!! I’m deeply moved
By all means, please try it, it’s my good luck charm, so I’m sure good things will happen 🍋




This is…
Yui-chan during Miiguri break some time ago.

With the second round of applications starting today!
I have added some old photos. 🐮

I would love to meet you and talk to you face to face. ^^
I’ll be waiting for you with excitement!
By all means, please come and meet me 🎐




Now on sale, BIG ONE GIRLS offshots!
For the interview, the four of us talked passionately about the BACKS LIVE.
It reminded me of how we supported each other during that time!
By all means, please check it out.^ ^



Well then! Bye~Bye~ 🍧

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