☺︎ (2022.05.27)




Good evening



Thank you for your hard work today too.



To everyone who tuned in to watch
yesterday’s broadcast of “Prebat!”
Thank you very much☺︎



Once again, it was like a dream…☺️



When I was making my eraser stamp
It was my first time doing it and I was unfamiliar
so it took me quite a bit of time



To all the staff
I’m sorry I ended up making you wait a long time, but
for creating a warm environment for me
so that I could focus on my work from start to end without worry,
I’m honestly filled with gratitude.



It’s been a long time since I was this absorbed in something,
while thinking of the recipients
I was able to create a product
I’m so happy.



And I was able to discover for myself
something new which I enjoyed.














Being together with the other co-stars, who were too stunning
and waiting anxiously to hear the results of the assessment
I was so nervous, my voice became small
and my words got stuck in my throat, but



Everyone who co-starred with me, and all the staff
treated me warmly and kindly;
while feeling very touched



I was able to grasp and cherish
this blissful moment and space.



From here onwards,
so that I can improve at both haikus and rubber stamp making,
I’m going to try my best.



Being invited to appear on the show
really made me so happy. ☺️



Thank you very much.










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