Blue and White (2022.05.25)

Good evening




“Watanabe Risa-san’s Graduation Concert”


For everyone who came to the venue,
for everyone who watched the online broadcast,


Thank you very much.





These were 2 days that were tightly packed
respectively with emotions and memories.


It became a very special time.



Blue and White (2022.05.25)




Our last time together with Risa-san
also became a very wonderful memory.



Somehow during this period,
although I should have felt lonesome,
rather than that, it was much more fun.




Once again,
I realized the preciousness
of every moment we have now.



Until the very end,
Risa-san gave and left with us various things
both individually and for the group as well.



Thank you so much for everything.











It made me happy that everyone was smiling.







It was a fun live.
Thank you ‪‪☺︎








From Saturday 28th of this week


we will be holding the CD limited nationwide meet & greet sessions
for “Samidare yo” 🌧



I will be sending tomorrow in the message App,
the Meet & Greet VLOG I recorded
during the last day of the individual meet & greet sessions ☺︎




Because there are 2 videos,
I will upload the first half tomorrow 26th at 21:00
and I will upload the second half
the day after tomorrow 27th at 21:00



I will introduce to you about how I spent my break times
and also about cosmetics,
if you happen to be interested, please check it out by all means… ( .. )







See you!
Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono

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