‪‪☺︎ (2022.08.25)

Hello everyone



Thank you for your hard work again today.






Truly thank you very much
to everyone who has come to the venue,
to everyone who has watched through the online stream ‪‪☺︎‬



Because of the support of many people
we were able to meet you again
at the same place in the form of a transfer performance
I am sincerely happy about it ‪‪☺︎‬



It is because all of this is not a situation that can be taken for granted,
that I feel so happy to be able to see you again
and genuinely enjoyed both days of the performance.



To everyone who came to the venue,
I think that the temperature difference was quite extreme
are you well??









Opening costume 🎀



It’s very cute, my favorite costume☺︎‬



Me and Marino-chan’s trolley often passes by each other
she waved her hands whenever that happens, it was so cute ♡




We sat next to each other ever since the day we arrived at the venue.😗
It was fun to have her next to me. 😗













I hope that we can return here again next year.





And on the second day, there was Oze-chan and Aoi’s
graduation ceremony.



The song Oze-chan requested,
was a song that hit me straight in the heart at the time,
I sang it with painful and complicated feelings, so I wasn’t really fond of it back then.



But when she requested it this time,
I got to wear the costume that was made with so much thought put into it,
my first time wearing it since back then,
And when I performed it with these members
as you look on warmly
for the first time, I’m able to sincerely enjoy it.



Now I wished that I liked this song sooner
How I wished I could sing this song more with the members



at least that’s how I felt.



It makes me happy that so many people love it.



Thank you for requesting this song.
It was very, very fun ‪‪☺️
It’s a song where I really love the moment my eyes met with everyones.





Thank you for supporting the members so much
for treating both juniors and genmates equally
for all your warmth and kindness.‪‪☺︎‬



I, myself,
was saved by Oze-chan a lot.



I hope that you can spend your days from now on
filled with a lot of happiness
while cherishing yourself first.



I want to go for pancakes with Oze-chan 🥞






And Aoi.



Aoi’s tears are always genuine tears,
it was as if all her feelings were packed into it.



And yet she always smiles more than anyone else
she has always been someone somewhat inseparable for me.



Because Aoi and I are also often paired together
there are many things that we share with each other
We talked about a lot of different things,
we also encouraged each other.



Let’s continue to talk about many different things from now on.


I was truly so happy
to have been able to be paired with Aoi a lot ☺️




Truly, thank you for your hard work, you two.



I wish for the two of you
to live a life full of happiness.






📮 I will be appearing in “Prebat!!”
tonight starting at 7PM JST.



It made me truly, truly happy to be able
to appear in a beloved show of mine again… 🥲



This time, I took on the challenge [to compose] a haiku.



When I appeared last time,
I received compliments from Natsui-sensei
and it filled me with so much happiness,



But as the days go by,
I regret the result of the assessment,
so I was truly so happy to be able to give it another attempt…!



Ever since I received the offer,
I spent every day seriously thinking
about how to put to words
the scene and feeling that I want to write,
how to make it come across clearly.


I realized that times like those are fun
and not actually a struggle, and I could further understand
the charm of haiku even more.



I’ve been nervous thinking about the broadcast tonight
As I gave my best in challenging it,
I hope that you could give it a look. ☺️



I was happy to be able to
appear in “Prebat!!” again…☺️♡





The other day, Yukka announced her graduation.



I truly appreciate your hard work 😌
And thank you so much.



And let me write my feelings toward Yukka
a bit here.


I was still a student when I moved to Tokyo,
so I was worried about a lot of things.



And at that time, together with Fuuchan,
she took me out to the city
and gave me many kind words,



For me, Yukka was the first
“older sister” I ever had.


It was a little embarrassing when I realized it but,
I had already started calling her “Yukka”
But I think the entire time I was a student
I used to call her “onee-chan (big sis)”.



I’m an only child,
so the moment I could have someone as my “onee-chan”
I felt so much warmth and peace of mind in my heart
I think that she has genuinely spoiled me a lot.



Then and now.
Thank you for being so accepting of me.



Truly, thank you for supporting the group, the members, a lot. 😌



I have always been happy to be in a group
where Yukka is the captain. ☺️



Let’s have a lot of fun together with everyone
in our remaining time! 🌷





Well then.

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