☺︎‬ (2022.12.31)

Good evening


Thank you so much for all your support
this year as well. ☺︎


I feel like this year was
a very intense year for Sakurazaka46.


There were especially many farewells,
I felt a lot of loneliness,
but each time I felt that the bond of the group
was getting stronger.


There were also lots of fun things ☺︎


I love seeing the smiles of the Buddies
at concerts and meet & greet sessions,
and I also love seeing hand-made uchiwa fans ☺︎


And above all else, being supported by your warm words.


I read the letters that I receive in the message app
and also, the handwritten letters.


I really appreciate it so much.


On February 15th of next year,
we will have the release of our 5th single.


I hope that as many people as possible
can get to experience Sakurazaka46’s music,
and I also hope that it reaches to all the Buddies
who have been supporting us so much.


the things that I felt during this whole year.
And the things I felt today in particular.


While cherishing everything,
and without being too invested in those feelings,
I want to diligently do my best
with the things that are in front of me, one by one.  


I want to do my best
so that all the members can enjoy,
and for the Buddies, so they can also enjoy
and support us with peace of mind.


Everyone, thanks for your hard work this year as well. ‪‪☺︎


And also, thank you so much
for all your support during this year.


I will be looking forward to your support next year as well. 🐰



Here are some recent pictures.


☺︎‬ (2022.12.31)











I wish I had met you
a lot sooner.


I’ve always thought of you as a friend.
So please stop using honorifics soon, okay? 😗







Her reactions are also cute, so I like to tease her.


I’ll do anything for you, either being by your side all the time,
teasing you or just making funny faces. 😌
It’s okay.







You always make the members smile ☺︎
And your hard work is really amazing.


I always think I want more people to know her charms,
because she really is full of surprises all the time,
it’s like I meet a new her every day. 😳



















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