‪‪☺︎‬ (2023.11.26)

Good evening


Yesterday, Sakurazaka46’s

3rd YEAR ANNIVERSARY LIVE’s 1st day was held



Actually, I was secretly there.



I watched everyone in person.



It was the first time I could watch

Sakurazaka from the outside like this,

and seeing everyone I kind of started to cry.



I also received

so much energy from everyone.



I think that it will be very cold again today,

so I hope that everyone who is going to watch today

could stay warm and not catch a cold,

for the members too, I hope that everyone could take a lot of care

and enjoy today as well ☺︎‬




And yesterday, there was

Habu-chan’s graduation ceremony.



I also received flower from her directly. 💐





Please allow me to write my thoughts

from here on out.



I was truly saved by Habu-chan’s presence so many times.



Back in Keyaki

we both have similar ways of thinking,

so when we felt or worried about something,

we would find ourselves discussing it together.



What we both felt at the time

and our problems, whether its solved or not



It was huge for me to have someone by my side

who shared the same feelings.



One day, when I realized,

Habu-chan has become a very lovely and charming woman

both in appearance and the way she thought,



And while there were moments where I thought、

that I haven’t changed at all in the meantime,



Watching Habu-chan,

who has grown to become a wonderful woman, next to me

has given me so many wonderful influences as well.



Up until now,

I have had many difficult days,

and there were times when I would wander off to be alone

to a place where no one could find me, spacing out to take my mind off,



And even in those moments,

when I realized, Habu-chan would already be next to me

and made me laugh lots and lots.



There was never a moment when I was left alone.



I am sure that she also noticed

what I am feeling right now.



Knowing that it will be our last time together,

I myself pushed myself to give it my best, even if it was just for the production period.



She has truly saved me so much.



I am truly, sincerely glad to have met her,

and to have been able to work in the same group as her.



To be honest, I wanted to stand on the same stage

and danced together with her.



I wanted to be on the stage and

properly send her off in her final moments


I think I will regret this forever.




Habu-chan is so endlessly kind.



To me, who apologized repeatedly to her,



“It’s okay, take your time, just take your time, okay?”.



so she said that to me in person,

so she said that to me in text.



She is truly such a kind, lovely woman.





To everyone who have called the two of us “HabuMii”,

who have cheered for us,

and who have loved us,

thank you very much.





Habu-chan, truly, thank you.

and thank you very much for your hard work.



I feel sincerely glad and happy

to have been able to meet Habu-chan.



Although we will be walking on separate paths from now on,

I will always be on Habu-chan’s side,、

and I sincerely hope that you will always be happy.



Let’s hang out a lot in the future as well.



If I may be a little selfish,

I wish that I could be more than just a friend.



From now on, please continue to take care of me a lots and lots.






I love you





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