Gratitude (2023.11.22)


Soko Magattara, Sakurazaka46?



From the moment I joined until my last episode,

the show has always thought out lovely ideas

with members in mind

to draw out each person’s personality.

We receive so much love

from the show’s staff on a daily basis 😔



Being able to stay the way we are,

bridging us with the Buddies,

and create many opportunities for us

I truly cherished and loved this place!

That day was the last day

I delivered the show together with everyone,

but I’m sure that future episodes will be funny as well, so I look forward to them.



Thank you very much for taking care of me for ~8 years

starting from the time of “Keyaki tte, Kakenai?”.




I look forward to “Soko Magattara, Habuzaka?” as well ✌🏻




Kochi Hoshi









I will be graduating from MBS radio program

“Gocha Maze Tengoku!” with tomorrow, 23rd November’s broadcast


Thank you very much for all the “Mazekko”

who listened to the show every week 🎧🗯️





Together with the cast!


It’s been about ~3,5 years since I joined Gocha Maze’s cast

I was able to give special teaching about the Habu Sayings

At the beginning, I was restless

as I wonder if I could fit into this radio show with a long history…

But they showed me so much love…


Up until now,

I’ve been “messing up (gocha maze)” all of you cast members

I’ve been a trouble every week 😛



I was able to talk a lot about my memories

in my last radio broadcast

So by all means, please do listen to the radio

on 23rd November, from 25:00 – 25:30 🎙️🎵









It feels like I keep being the one to receive things…




There are only four days remaining

but please allow me to give a gift at the end

so that I can pass the baton to the future Sakurazaak46!

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