7 (2023.11.18)

Are you all keeping warm?




Today, too,

so many people congratulated me

and it has become a day where I make memories and dreams




Speaking of which, this Habu-chan (the snake)

many people noticed how it’s wrapped around my neck


“Who you rather have bite you? Habu or Habu (snake)?」


… Just kidding 👁️👁️❤️


If I keep saying things like this,

I won’t be able to turn Fuuchan into a Habu no Onna!




It’s been about three months since I announced my graduation to everyone in late August

and the members have been pampering me a lot








No matter how many pictures I swipe through in my album

there are so many pictures with the members,

and each picture has a memory attached to it


I now feel how November 2023

will especially be something big for me.





First of all, it has been decided that Sakurazaka46 will be appearing

on the 74th NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen.

I am so happy to be able to watch over

the future form of the group as it blooms on Kouhaku

together with the Buddies who support us every day!

I was truly, sincerely happy ✨




Just as everyone else has written on their blog

this year has truly been a year full of challenges.

All the while cherishing those who support us.

I myself would like to see things through

until my very last moment as Sakurazaka46’s Habu Mizuho ✨



Let’s make the most of our time ☺︎ See you again tomorrow* ☺︎

[*They had meguri on this weekend]

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