‪‪☺︎‬ (2023.12.09)

Good evening



Thank you for your hard work today.




I went to watch today.





From here on, please allow me to talk about my feelings toward Sari-chan

while looking back.



Before I realized it, Sari-chan and I had become really close friends

ever since she joined the group.



At the time, we both put a bit of a barrier

to our surroundings,

such as how we both

has no idea when to strike up a conversation with others.


As I watched her from a distance, I somewhat sensed a familiarity,

and wondering if we both were the same kind of person,

I thought, “Let’s go to her side”,

and perhaps that’s why I started going to her side.


I don’t remember it very clearly,

but before I realized we had become truly good friends.



Every time we met, we would stand and talk for a long time even though we could just take a seat,

During handshake events, we would sit next to each other,

Wear matching costumes for Halloween,

and even wearing matching outfits.



There was a time when we shared a lane too, didn’t we?



The fans gave us a nickname,

“Usushio Potechi”

and there were also many people

who supported us both.




When we go out,


It feels as if that we have gone beyond


mere friends who are working hard

in the same industry, in the same place.



I feel that we are more than just “friends”

I remember how much I sincerely had fun and enjoyed

the time I spent going out with Sari-chan.



When it’s night and already pitch black,

even though it’s time for both of us to go home already

we would sit down and talk about each other,

talk about the future.



When we couldn’t really go out during COVID,

we would do video calls and talk about trivial things,

play games that we could play while on video calls,

and sometimes we would find ourselves speaking for more than four hours already.



Since a long time ago, I have always

had a hard time building relationships

where I could talk about my worries freely



But for me, Sari-chan

is one of the people with whom I managed to build that kind of relationship.



I wonder if, without realizing it,

the warmth that is unique to Sari-chan

has broken through the invisible barrier inside me.



Thank you.



Even when we are no longer in the same group,

she always treated me the same way,

and whenever we meet during a music show we would always see each other and talk.



When I announced my hiatus.

she was the first to give me a call.



And she sent me a long text

with sincere, reassuring words.



I am sure that all of you are aware of it already,

but Sari-chan is someone who prioritizes

other before herself

She is truly kind, warm, and embracing.



She is truly like a Holy Mother.



That’s why

there is also a worry

that she might have absorbed a lot of things

and it piles up without her realizing it.



From now on, I would like to pay her back

including for all the things that she has given to me,

and I hope to be someone that Sari-chan could feel at ease with

even for just a little.



Let’s continue to be on each other’s side from now on.

Let’s go to many, many different places.



Truly, thank you very much.

Let’s continue to be friends from now on.







When we happened to meet at the office.



A person who makes me smile from the bottom of my heart.

I love you.



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