Memories that will never fade Murai Yu (2023.12.07)

Good evening



It’s Murai Yu!











First of all,










we were able to safely complete them until the end.







I am filled with much gratitude


to the Buddies who are always supporting us.




Through the concert, I once again felt our bonds and unity with the Buddies.



The support from everyone always warms my heart.











I strongly want to continue to see sights that I never seen before.







I’d be happy if I could move forward together


with all of you.












Thank you very much for


25th November

26th November













Habu-san’s graduation ceremony was held.





During the 7th single, I was able to do my activities in the position beside her.




I was happy to be able to feel so many of Habu-san’s wonderful side, such as her kindness and coolness.



She is a senior I admire.





I will keep the words given by Habu-san in my heart as I continue my activities.



I love you.






Being able to be kage ana with her at the end,


has become a wonderful memory for me.








The way the sky changed from evening to night and the lighting of the concert was beautiful and pretty.





I genuinely had so much fun~





Natsu no Chikamichi



In the interlude dance this time,




I did ” Rabbit and heart pose ”



but did you notice it…?





It’s the meaning of Rabyuuzu (Love You + Yu).
















On day 2,



we were able to hype up Start over!.








I will never forget that moment,

when the Buddies and us became one, jumping up and down so much that the ZOZO Marine Stadium shook.










It was so much fun!


It was so exciting!


so I heard many people say,



It made me so happy to think that we, 3rd gen members, were able to successfully set it up for the seniors.




I’m really glad~!








But one thing I regret is how I was so nervous, I don’t remember clearly what happened that time… lol











I hope that we could


do another stadium concert one day!!!






















Thank you very much


for all 10 performances of Shinzanmono!








First of all,



I am truly happy that we were able to complete all 10 performances without missing a single 3rd generation member.






Through Shinzanmono, the bond among the 3rd gen members has certainly become stronger.





I feel that we have grown considerably both as a group and as individuals.









The other 3rd gen members have helped me many times, has inspired me many times.







Seeing how each member grows, how each of their charms expands,


I thought a lot about what I’m lacking, and what can I do to make myself better.






I think that there is a lot that I gained through trial and error.







And I am also happy with how I think I’ve come to notice everyone’s charm more than ever.







I would like to continue to move forward with the 3rd gen members, without ending it here.



I love everyone.


Truly, thank you!



That’s all for today.


Thank you very much for reading!






Well then, see you.



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