Ever since I was told that I looked good with that lipstick, (2023.11.17)



Good evening. It’s Yuuzu. I’m doing well.


How are youー?







That day, I had many people tell me that I look good with that lipstick, and I’ve been wearing the same lipstick ever since.




“TV Tokyo 60th Anniversary! Music Festival 2023 ~I want to keep listening to this song! 100 Hit Songs from Showa・Heisei・Reiwa Eras~” Yuuzu

I sent a different photo in mobameー👀





“Venue101” Yuuzu

Tamura Hono-san also posted a two-shot of us in her October 29th blog~ ♡





What do you think? Red lips
I think it suits me better than orange or pink~

I’d like to continue searching for things that suit me
While receiving advice from our makeup artists and the members 👀



Ah, everyone, please tell me as well!
Which one was your favorite look?
[T/N: She used a slang, 好きビジュ = 好き (suki/like) + ビジュ (bijyu, abbreviation of visual)]


“Sukibijyu”, I proudly used the word I learned from Nagi🌷I like it

I’m not very familiar with popular slang, but I understood the meaning of sukibijyu right awayー. Amazing






This is Yuuzu after a shoot some time ago


That day, I thought that short bangs bunched up together looked niceー!
I also got some highlighters put on my cheeks 🌟



By the way, I’m on team no colored contactsー. It’s scary to be putting something on my eyesー.



That’s all for the makeup talk.








I’ve been into vermicelli soup, mandarin oranges, and orange juice recentlyー. I also had them today ♪

Warmed my body up and got vitamins 🍊


Let’s all eat what we want to eat and build a strong body 💪





Also, also

Tomorrow is meet & greet day!

Weeー! I’m looking forward to it! I’ll be in your care 🐕

Let’s talk about all sorts of things ♪






See you, good night!


Wishing all the best for you 🌻






From Yuuzu

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