♡ (2023.09.20)




is the day another one of my dream has come true


To sell out in the first round
Many of you have made it happen.
I am truly filled with gratitude. Thank you.


I hope that in this period
I can express my feelings of gratitude without regret.
Let’s make so many memories until the very last moment.


In the past eight years, I have experienced
many worrying times when things didn’t go as smoothly as hoped
and many frustrating things,
but I was saved by all of you fans
who continued to support me no matter what
I was able to grow together with all of you fans


^ ^


Habu Livers*
are both my emotional support and a precious existence to me.
[T/N: Her fanbase name, taken from “Love Live”]




7th single “Shonin Yokkyu” will be released 18th October 2023

I will do what I can so that it can become a work loved by many people.
I’d like to see it through to the end without any regrets.


Let’s make 7th single period a wonderful one ^ ^

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