Change Odakura Reina (2023.09.23)

It’s Saturday, isn’t it? Thank you for your hard work.
Please take care of yourself
so you don’t catch a cold as the seasons change.



I once saw my friend reading the novel I recommended to her

It’s somehow like a letter, isn’t it? So lovely, right?



I’m 19 years old Odakura Reina
From Tokyo.



Recently, I watched a video of a puppy howling
It was so adorable that I burst into tears.

DOG! dog! Dog~!
If I’m reborn, I’d like to be a dog.





Well then,


The other day, the formation for the 7th single’s title song was announced.



I will be participating as a BACKS member.
I look forward to your continued support.

When I think about how just 1 year ago I would have never imagined myself
performing with the seniors, it makes me feel deeply moved.
I’m very happy.


I will give it my absolute best.
Please look forward to the performance too!

Airi, Shizuki, Yuuzu, Yu
Congratulations on getting selected in Senbatsu~



Of course, there are many things that I had in mind.


I do feel frustrated.


But what I think the most about is

how my heart aches when I think about everyone who is supporting me.


This is something that I have always felt ever since I joined Sakurazaka46.

Meet & greet, letters, concerts,

I can keep moving forward because all of you give me so many reasons to work hard.
I sincerely think of all of your existence as a treasure for me.

Thank you very much as always.


That’s why,
I’d like to work hard so that one day, for sure, I can deliver to you some happy news with a smile on my face!
I want to see many sceneries with you!

Right now, I have the strong feeling of, “I will work even harder from now on!”.


For the 7th single, I’d like to make it into a period
where I cherish my connection with others
and work hard so that people can see my potential.


I’d be happy if you could
continue to be with me from now on.




And then,

The applications for meet & greet has started, hasn’t it?


You said things like, “We won’t be able to meet for a while, I’m going to miss you~”,
It made me giggle happily from relief.


I’d be happy to be able to chat with you again.


I’ll prepare a lot of topics we can talk about this time as well~.
There’s so much I want to talk with you about ✊

Here are the topics of conversation
for those who regularly come as well as first-timers!



About performances
About Soko Magattara, Sakurazaka?
About fixed camera
About daily life (School or work and such)
About recent stories with members
Novels, comics, anime, TV shows, movies, dramas, comedians
Meals, snacks, drinks
Cosmetics, clothes, hairstyles
Dance, golf, violin, cooking
Stargazing, stars

Let’s talk a ton~♪


I’m always chatting with a smile,
so if you’d like, please come take a look~


The dates are
10/22 (Sunday)
11/3 (Friday, national holiday)
11/4 (Saturday)
11/18 (Sunday)
11/19 (Sunday)
12/3 (Sunday)


The 3rd round opens
9/27 14:00 ~ 9/28 14:00 JST.


I’ll be waiting for you ´﹀`



Here’s the picture I happily took because Rika wrote in her blog that if she could swap places with someone then she’d like to be me. Peace





My interview with Nakashima Yuzuki has been featured in Top Yell NEO-san.
Thank you very much.

I think that Yuuzu and I are pretty similar at our cores.
We also talked about things we don’t normally talk about, so by all means, I’d be happy if you could get your hands on a copy!



3rd generation members have been featured on B.L.T-san. Thank you very much.

It was a very fun photoshoot where we all jumped together, putting our hands on each other’s shoulders.
The 3rd generation members had a lot of conversations together,
so please check it out~




Recently, I made a playlist for “tele”-san, and listened to his songs.
What a wonderful voice, I also love the lyrics too.



Recently, I made up my goal on “What kind of person do you want to be?”, so I’d like to talk about it.


It’s “I want to become a person who can talk about things in an interesting way with my own sensibility”.

When I think about what I should aim for to be an attractive person that is rich on the inside,

I thought that it would be nice to have a unique sense of humor.


I set up a goal to always remember to speak with ingenuity as to make you think, “I want to hear more of what this girl has to say!”


I thought that I should put it out into words
so I wrote it.


I’ll do my best~




Natsu no Chikamichi MV has passed 4 million views!

Truly, thank you very much for giving us so much love.


It makes me happy



(From the left) Riko, Reina, Itoha

The day of Natsu no Chikamichi MV filming was very cold with snow falling, so the three of us went outside.

For a Tokyoite, a snowy day is such a special event that I played around a lot~



If it snows again this year, I’d like to make a snowman

I want to make one that is bigger than myself~





I’ll wrap things up here.

I hope to be the brightest star in your heart 💫
This was Odakura Reina!



My favorite food is
the royal milk tea my mom made

I love the smell, the temperature,
and how it’d be a day where I’d smile and say, “It’s delicious”.

What is your favorite food?




Tomorrow is Nagi’s.



See ya!

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