✨️ (2023.11.27)

Good evening, everyone 🌸

It’s Matono Mio




She looked so lovely and beautiful wearing the dress…

She was always kind and looked after us, 3rd generation members, even back when we just joined the group


But now I am filled
with gratitude towards her for continuing to support the group for such a long time

I will cherish the many things I have learned from Habu-san and do my best in my future activities

Congratulations on your graduation!



Odakura 😏


Yuuuuutaaannnnnn!!! held hand with me



Thank you very much to everyone who have came despite the cold, those who watched through streaming for “3rd YEAR ANNIVERSARY LIVE”!

It was so cold outside, but I had so much fun that I forgot about that!

I am truly thankful to have been able
to perform in such a big stadium

When I saw the many penlight colors from the stage,
I’m once again reminded how happy I am to have been able to become a member of this group

We, the 3rd generation members, will give it our all to follow in the footsteps of our seniors to make the group even bigger




7th Single BACKS LIVE!!
has been announced!

I’d like to use this period to grow even stronger
so that those who come
will definietly think that it was a great show

We’ll be waiting for you☺️





Thank you very much for
online meet & greet
on 11.18、11.19!

I curled my hair

Thank you very much for your many compliments 🎶🎶🎶🎶
It made me so happy

Meeting with you all always fill me with much power

Will I see you again? ^ ^




See ya

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