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Truly, thank you very much to everyone who came to the venue, everyone who have watched through streaming for “Sakurazaka46 46 3rd YEAR ANNIVERSARY LIVE”.

I’m truly happy to have been able to celebrate our 3rd anniversary in a huge place that is ZOZO Marine Stadium!!

Since long time ago, when asked about my goal as a group, I often would say “to one day hold a stadium concert”.
I always find female idols who can fill in a stadium as cool, and admire them.

On the day of the concert, I found it unbelievable that there would be Buddies no matter where I look, whether it’s to the front, to the side, to the back, or even when I look up. I was truly moved by it.

I am really, really grateful to the Buddies for showing me this view, to the members who have brought me this far, and to the staff who have believed in and supported me.




The cake was delicious.

After this, it was cut into an individual serving sizes, and Matono picked the cut next to Yuipon’s. That’s all I’d like to report 🤭




I’ll post memorable pictures 📷



Itoha who appeared on the same position as me for both days ☺︎︎
She really made ma laugh often~!
I was laughing so much to the last moments before going on stage



This time, we were especially rehearsing so hard that we didn’t have any time to take pictures, so we discussed ”We should take some pictures 🥺” and took this one



On the day of the concert, we got oden as a part of our catering🍢
My body was shivering from cold already, so I was thankful to the oden 🥲



Riko-chan who would regularly ask me to take pictures together 🍼 Thank you



Taken on the stage 🕺 Massuto (Ki-chan)



I took pictures with ✌️ pose, but then midway, since its our 3rd anniversary I switched to “3” pose 🐈‍⬛



My hair arrangement on second day.
The hairdresser skill is so amazing that I’m putting it on my blog as well…
This is undoubtly a blueberry… 🫐🫐🫐


That’s all for the memorable pictures for now!

I’ll send pictures that I couldn’t post in mobame 💌




The first day was also Habu-chan’s last stage.



She was truly, truly beautiful.

Once again, congratulations on your graduation.

For about a year after Yuuka’s graduation, there were only five 1st gen members, but it was thanks to Habu-chan’s presence that we were able to keep smiling.

Habu-chan is really good at things like affirming or complimenting others, so just having Habu-chan there with me made me feel secure and confident in myself…

But I think that for all the comfort that she give to others for their pain and feelings, she is also putting burden on herself.
Since she was someone who is hard on herself, more than anyone else…

From now on, I want her to enjoy her own life and live a rose-colored (La Vie En Rose) life 🥀🖤

I look forward to seeing Habu-chan’s future!!

Truly, truly, thank you for everything until now.






And on the second day, Hikari-chan made her return to the group!! Welcome back 🫶




When I met Hikari-chan after a long while during rehearsal, she had become a more mature and beautiful older lady than before ☺️

I look forward to performing together with her again in the future!




Thank you very much for the flowers too 💐




Thank you as always ~🥰




I hope that members and Buddies can spend our 4th year in good health… 🍀

Please continue to give us your unchanging support!


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