Have you watched the BAN’s performance on TV?

My heart was beating fast
as I do each and every performance
From now on as well, I want to continue
performing without forgetting this feeling…


Thank you for watching!





Shibuya Note-san











And then,

I will appear live on「Rekomen!」!
Tuesday, April 13th · 21:00 – 23:30.
By all means, please tune in!


I will appear with Risa-san.






Collaboration with Tokyo Skytree has been decided.


Special lighting illumination
Date & Time : April 13th (Tue) ~ 16th (Fri) 20:00 ~ 24:00


W1SH RIBBON & Panel Exhibition
Schedule: April 13th (Tue)~May 5th (Wed・Holiday)
Location: Tokyo Skytree Tembo Deck, Floor 350


It’s said something like that.


I also wrote a wish,
so by all means, please go and see (^.^)



What I wrote is a secret!






Fujiyoshi Karin

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