2nd Single (2021.04.14)

Hello everyone,

I’m Hikaru Morita of Sakurazaka46’s 2nd generation 🌱




April 14th!!

Sakurazaka46’s 2nd single “BAN” was released today!


This calls for celebration..!

I’m happy that this day was able to come safely 🕊


I’m full of feelings of gratitude to everyone who had a hand in making this possible.

Thank you very much!!


Have any of you already got it??




To celebrate the release, many CD shops had panels on display~


Thank you very much..

I went to “SHIBUYA TSUTAYA” and signed some of the panels!


Can you believe it..!


The pictures were taken very wonderfully for me and makes me delighted


I saw a “hi” so I made it a “hikaru”. lol

I hope you all go and take a look too!



I also saw the displays that the employees wrote for us and I really liked them..

I go to CD shops quite frequently~


It makes me happy that they wrote about Sakurazaka 🙂

I believe that our signed posters are on display in CD shops and book stores around the country, so please do try to find them~


Once again, let me introduce the songs that are on the 2nd single!

  • BAN
  • Guuzen no Kotae
  • Sore ga Ai Nanone
  • Kimi to Boku to Sentakumono
  • Microscope
  • Omottayori Sabishikunai
  • Sakurazaka no UtaThese are the 7 songs on the single!


Each of the songs carry their own good quality, so please do listen to them a lot~





A big thank you to everyone on the team, including the directors who helped us produce the music videos!

We’ll be doing our best in order for us to work together again!


Additionally, to PERIMETRON, who helped us handle the artwork of this single again.

We worked together with the last single, so when I heard that we would be working together again for the 2nd single, I was extremely happy.

OSIRIN’s words always leave a deep impression on me.

Thank you very much for helping take wonderful photos for us again this time!

I’m hoping that you all continue to support Sakurazaka46 from here on out!🌸



And now..!

I have some extremely exciting news~


To celebrate our 2nd single “BAN”, Sakurazaka46 and Tokyo Sky Tree will be having a collaboration!


Remarkably, the Sky Tree will be lit up with Sakurazaka colours..!

The collab will run through Tuesday, April 13th~Friday, April 16th from 20:00~24:00!


At the sky wish deck 350m above the ground, our wishes that we wrote known as “W1SH RIBBON” and panels will be on display!

For more details, check the link below ↓

If you happen to be in the area, please do go take a look!


I want to go and see it too~




Well then, that’s all for today!

Thank you very much for reading until the very end!

The end🌱

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