INORI BLOG (2021.04.14)



This is Inoue Rina from Sakurazaka46.



Today, on April 14th,

Sakurazaka46’s 2nd Single「BAN」has been released!
Thank you very much!


It has been showcased several times in music shows and other medias, but I will continue to give my very best to further increase the hype for this 2nd Single!


It would be great that more and more people listen to Sakurazaka’s music.



Everyone, do tell me should you already find your favorite song!



Today, I visited the Shibuya branch of Tower Records!




I was so happy that they made a wonderful booth for Sakurazaka46!!
Thank you very much!


There are some “Maniac Oshi-moments” displayed on the booth, written by those in charge for the MV. I was happy to see that they looked up to the slightest details!



They said I look like Japanese version of Cleopatra!
It made me so happy!
(Note : It’s written on the list for minute 2:10~2:11. I guess they referred to Cleopatra because of Inori’s current hairstyle? >_<)




I wrote messages and signed over the panels and other stuffs.


Please give it a visit whenever you are nearby!







Also, to commemorate the release of the 2nd Single,


we’re starting a collaboration with the Tokyo Skytree!




From April 13th to 16th, starting at 8.00 PM to 0.00 AM on each day, specially made illumination will light up on the tower, with the image of Sakurazaka46.


I have seen the pictures when it was lighted up and I think it looks really pretty. I want to go there and see it by myself!



Also, from April 13th to May 5th on the tower’s observatory deck,

the “W1SH RIBBON” with wishes from the members written on them, the unreleased pictures during the shooting of the MV and also several panels will be showcased.
(Note : W1SH RIBBON is a gimmick in Tokyo Skytree, in which you can purchase a ribbon for 500 yen, write your wishes on it, and hang it on a designated spot inside the observatory deck.)




My wish is
「I hope everyone can live with a smile」



Please give it a visit whenever you are nearby!




Well then, that’s about it for today.


I hope the 2nd Single 「BAN」will reach out to many people.




Thank you for reading up until the end.



Bye~bye 🦒



Inoue Rina



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