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A question.
How many times did the intercom of my house ring in a day on one vacation day?
The answer is five times. All deliveries.
I feel terribly sorry.
Somebody, please BAN my phone.
But then I won’t be able to write blog instead.





Kobayashi Yui desu (It’s me, Kobayashi Yui)

Good evening






“Music Station”

“HEY!HEY!NEO Music Champ”

“Shibuya Note”


Thank you very much to all of you who have watched us!

We’ll do our best to further improve the accuracy of our performance in the future 💪🏻









Speaking of which, Miura Daichi-san’s performance
on Music Station
was amazing~!!

I was impressed like “Amazing! Whoa!”
toward all the artists who appeared there 😳



And in Shibuya Note,
Listening to Sato Chiaki-san’s singing voice,
and Kinoko Teitoku-san’s “Chronostasis” lulls me to sleep,
I used to do a routine of listening to “Tokyo” in the car on my way to work,
so I was very happy~!



It was also our first appearance on HEY!HEY!NEO
It was our first conversation with Downtown,
and I was very nervous,
but I enjoyed the fun conversation we had!



I’ll do my best so that we can appear again!










Today from 11PM JST, the 6th episode of HikariTV’s original drama
“Borderless” will be aired~


I think that the story progressed a little further from last week’s episode
but it’s still full of mysteries, isn’t it~ 🤔



Whether today’s episode 6 could solve that mystery or not,
while of course the story progressed about a series of events,

I think that it will also be about “Kotone” that I play and her sister “Kanon”


What is Kanon struggling with?
Why do the sisters are apart from each other?

I watched episode 6 a little earlier,
but when I watch it as “Kotone”, I stared crying naturally


The feeling of sisters who cannot communicate well
is frustrating and very sad,

But by all means, please do give it a look 😌






Introducing the coffee shop part a little 〜☕️





Coffee menu

The people who read the original novel might understand~





Nakazima Coffee

The logo is cute




Kanon when she’s not acting~


When she smiles at you like this,
No one would be able to resist to dote on her




I wonder if Kotone is the type to wear stylish socks?




The filming finished a little while ago,
Now I’m looking back at the photos I took during the shoot and soak in the afterglow 😌


When the drama is all finished,
I’ll write about various things like the filming period




Well then, please do watch episode 6
from 11pm JST today 🎼















◇ Tomorrow 12th April from 8:05PM JST
I will be appearing in NHK Radio 1’s “Sakura Hinata Lotti no Senobishiro Radio”!


This time, I’ll be appearing together with Ten-chan to learn about “Communication techniques”


It’s my first time so I feel nervous
but by all means, please do listen to it📻





see you again ⊿⊿



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