〜fledged〜to the future (2021.10.22)

Good evening.
I have something to tell everyone.

I, Moriya Akane, decided to graduate from the group with the end of 3rd single activity.

I’ve been active for 6 years, starting as a Keyakizaka46 1st generation, and when I look back to my idol life that I have walked through,

since last year I’ve been thinking about my future, when I look at the group right now, I thought that I’ve done everything I could as an idol. When I think about myself from now on, there is a matter of my age as well, and I’d like to challenge something that I want to do someplace else. Not wanting to lie, I came to the decision to graduate.

I entered this world as a Keyakizaka46 1st generation,

the many sceneries and memories, the emotions I wouldn’t know if I wasn’t a part of this group and the countless number of experiences…

I am truly, truly grateful,
to all the people involved who have supported me all throughout the years, including the fans that I have been able to meet.

Being able to work as a part of Keyakizaka46 is something I will be proud of for the rest of my life,
and it’s dream-like to end it as a part of Sakurazaka46.

I’ve been facing each work seriously,
with the feeling of devoting myself to the group
until I satisfied, and not to regret anything
even if it turned out to be my last.
That’s why I have no regrets.

From now on,
there are still many things that I’d like to try,
dreams that I have yet to fulfill,
in order to realize that I’d like to study from beginning
and do my best to meet all of you again.

This is not goodbye in any way,
so I hope that you can look forward to that day.

And then
please allow me to say one more thing at the end.
I’ve made it this far because of the 1st generation and 2nd generation members with whom I overcame many hardships together with.

I am grateful for our meeting.

You have been, and from now on too, an important presence for me.

Once again,
truly thank you very much for everything up until now.
Until the day of my graduation, I hope I can express my gratitude as much as I can to all my fans who have continued to support me at all times, no matter what happens.
There is only a little time left,

but I would appreciate your continued support.
And I look forward to your continued support of Sakurazaka46.

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