To everyone who has been supporting me (2021.10.22)


Today, I have something to relay to everyone who has been supporting me.

I will be graduating from Sakurazaka46 after the activities of the 3rd single.
I’m sorry for the sudden announcement that took you by surprise.

It has been 6 years since I joined Keyakizaka46 when I was 20 years old. It has been a very long but short six years, and I have experienced many dream-like moments.

I am so grateful to the Sakurazaka46 team for always being there to support me, and to everyone who has worked with me and been involved with me.

All of my beloved members who are so kind.
When I think back, I had the most fun laughing and chatting with the members backstage ☺️

I will always love and cherish them.
I want us to get together again when we become grandmothers and dance Silent Majority〜 ♪


And, to my fans.
If my fans were not there, I would have not continued this long.

When I was going through difficult times, the words of my fans helped me many times.

When I was happy, you were also happy for me as well. You would go all out to celebrate my birthday. It’s thanks to the fans who always look after me warmly and protect me that my heart has always been warm and fuzzy. ☺️

I really love all my fans from the bottom of my heart.
When I think of each and every fan’s face, my love, and affection for them overflows.
I am really glad to have met everyone.
My fans are my treasure forever.

Thank you for giving me so much happiness.

I’m really, really sad that I won’t be a member of Sakurazaka46 anymore, but I want to take on new challenges at a new place.

Thank you very much for supporting me these six years.
I hope to see all my fans again someday.
I want to enjoy my remaining time as Sakurazaka46 to the fullest without any regrets!

See you☺️
Watanabe Rika

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