🏮* (2023.08.20)

Good evening

It’s Kobayashi Yui







I’m home~



We went to Malaysia for an appearance at Japan Expo Malaysia!



I was very, very happy to be able to do another overseas performance following Paris



Each country has its own way of raising excitement & cheering,

In Paris, it felt like they were shaking along to the music & enjoying it with their whole bodies

In Malaysia, the cheering was very loud & the impression is that they were watching with much enthusiasm



And I am sure that there must be those among the audience who didn’t know who we were,

and I’d be honored if they could come to learn about us a little better



And above all, I was very happy to have been able to fulfill one of our dreams, to one day go and meet the Buddies who have always come to Japan to see us!



I am truly thankful to have been able to receive such wonderful opportunities


I hope that I can continue to liven up Sakurazaka even more together with both Japanese & overseas Buddies




Thank you very much



in Paris





in Malaysia





I didn’t really get to sightsee in Paris, but I was able to sightsee & do some shopping in Malaysia, so I will upload other pics on IG & mobame














“The Hidden Fortress” stage play

We were able to safely finish all 22 performances at Meijiza


Thank you very much
to all who came to the theater!



To be honest, there was a part of me that was worried about whether I could finish all 22 performances,

But every day, as I did even more performances,
I got to learn the character named Yukihime better and better,
I learned how fun it is to progressively improve a performance
such as by thinking, “Let’s perform more like this today”.
And before I knew it, the final performance in Meijiza was completed



From the warm applause
and standing ovation that enveloped the theater in each performance,

I felt the accomplishment of being able to convey the story again today,
and the drive to do my best in the next performance as well

Thank you very much




And from this week
the performance at Shin Kabuki-za in Osaka will start!


Utilizing what I have experienced and learned at Meijiza,
I will take confidence and deliver a tale of thrilling adventure
to those of all of the audience who come to Shin Kabuki-za!


By all means, please look forward to it





The banner.

Many people, like my family and members, took a picture of it and sent it to me

It made me happy 😌












I haven’t been able to write blogs lately,
so there’s still a lot I’d like to write about and a lot of photos I’d like to post


I’ll write about a lot more things
once the final performance has concluded~🙇









And then, tomorrow will be 21st August

1st gen will be celebrating our 8th anniversary

I have gotten used to it being only the five of us now,

but it sure still hit me on our debut day~






see you again ⊿⊿

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