Flower language Odakura Reina (2023.08.21)


It’s Monday, isn’t it? Thank you for your hard work.


What are you doing right now?

Eating a warm meal after overcoming Monday,
which is the most difficult day of the week, is the best.




There are times when I feel nostalgic remembering a happy memory from the past
and can’t bring myself to look forward at all

When I think that I should stop that bad habit
I don’t remember much about the past anymore

And then, I finally realized that there are countless things to be happy about scattered throughout any given time


I’m 19 years old Odakura Reina from Tokyo.


When I think that the present will be “the past” too one day, then the “present” will surely be filled with happiness as well





Thank you very much
for real meet & greet!

It was very, very fun.
It was a day where I was deeply moved by the thought that, “I have truly become an idol…”.

Thank you very much for coming in the heat of summer.

It was my first time meeting and talking with everyone directly, wasn’t it? I was so excited it felt like I was about to break the acrylic board. It was so much fun~!



Miu took this picture
I picked out my favorite yukata, and let the make-up artist do my hairdo. What do you think?

I was happy to be able to meet Shizuki’s fans as well! There were so many nice people, it was heartwarming. Thank you very much.



And thank you for the flowers.
My heart swelled when I saw the beautifully colored flowers and balloons.

I want to give everyone, both those of you who came to the venue
and those who didn’t, a hug.

I want to move forward day by day
so that the happiness expressed in the flowers

can come to you too,
so that I can return the feelings of love to you.

I hope that you can continue to be with me.

Hope to see you soon.


I took a lot of pictures of the flowers, so please wait a little longer for the next blog ๐Ÿ’


As I’ve been writing up to this point in the blog, I realize that there are so many things that I’d like to say “thank you” for, which made me sincerely happy.

I will continue to say this many times so that my feelings of care for all of you will be properly conveyed.


Once again, thank you very much!



When I handed the camera to Riko, she took a picture of me

It was so cute to see how Riko smiled while looking at the mirror as I dressed her in her yukata, saying, “Amazing~”




We were able to appear in
Thank you very much!

I am very moved to be able to perform Natsu no Chikamichi on such a huge stage.

I’d like to continue to give my best
so that each experience can connect to the next.

Thank you very much to everyone who came to the venue in the hot weather!




Yuzu was sitting next to me while drinking a chocolate milk float. I drank melon soda.

Airi and I were both happy that there was melon soda, but it was three times bigger than we expected, so we both figured that one would be enough for the two of us and drank it while rubbing our bellies.
We managed to finish it all up.

I sure take a lot of pictures from the front, don’t I? I tried to take a picture from a different angle, but when I looked at my picture folder, it’s all from the front… I’ll give it my best…




Soko Magattara, Sakurazaka?

The episode this time was about a family questionnaire… It surprised me, but I was able to see a new side of 3rd generation members so it was fun!

You see, I can talk to dogs~
The “Rrrr… Woof, woof” kind of thing.

Please look forward to the next episode as well.




Weekly Shonen JUMP-san

Released a collaboration MV between “HUNTER X HUNTER” and Sakurazaak46’s “Start over!” as a part of “JUMP MV”.

HUNTER X HUNTER is my beloved manga series, that I started reading after being influenced by my brother.

When I first learned about this, I was so moved that I yelled out “EHHHHH!!!!” very loudly. It’s a very happy thing.

By all means, please give it a look!




Well then! Here is the regular Q&A corner.


Q. What do you do on sleepless night?

A. Recently I have been reading Chiikawa’s manga.


Q. Do you ever feel the hopelessness of knowing that it won’t be enough no matter how many words you say?

A. There are times when I feel frustrated not being able to express certain feelings. But I feel that the loneliness that comes from that hopelessness is also a very human charm.

Lately, I’ve been thinking positively about how, just as an inconvenience can bring about an invention, such despair can become a driving force that leads to new expressions.


Q. Do you have any offshoots from GigaFes?

A. Actually, the bangless picture I put on my previous blog was from the day of OSAKA GIGANTIC MUSIC FESTIVAL 2023!
It’s Off-kura-san after a performance.
[t/n: pun with her name]

My bangless look was popular with the members and make-up artists. Makes me happy ยด`

I wonder if everyone likes a more mature look?
Maybe I’ll do it from time to time~




18th August was Yu’s birthday.

She is an innocent girl that fits the “Summer-born child” type perfectly

I’d like to make her smile a lot
so that 19 years old Yu can continue to smile.




Oh right,

I couldn’t sleep so I started counting sheep
and then the sheep talked to me

It said, “The night sure is long, eh?” in a mature voice
I wonder if that sheep got some sleep in the end?

Have another good night




I’ll wrap things up here.

I hope to be the brightest star in your heart ๐Ÿ’ซ
This was Odakura Reina!



Tomorrow is Nagi




See ya!

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