Twin Towers (2023.08.21)

Good evening


Japan Expo Malaysia 2023
Thank you so much 🇲🇾☺️


Twin Towers (2023.08.21)



The people I met in Malaysia
were cute and had a sense of humor,
everyone treated me nicely
and were always with a smile.



I was able to go sightseeing,
we had delicious meals as well,
and I was able to experience Malaysia’s culture,
I was completely fascinated (..)‪‪❤︎






A lot of people gathered
for the live performance,
we were welcomed warmly,
I was really happy.

Ten-chan. She’s a kind person.




The live performance was so much fun!


There were a lot of handmade items,
and I was also able to see everyone’s smiling face up close,
it was really a very happy moment 😚


We definitely want to
go meet with all of you again.

Thank you so much! 🌸




Well then,
I’ll share the photos I took now



I made lots of memories.




I also shot a lot of videos,
so I’ll be sending some Vhono (Vlog!)
via the Sakurazaka46 message app very soon 🌷


This one is becoming one of my favorite videos 👨🏻‍🚀
Please look forward to it!






Changing the topic.


Today August 21st
is the 8th year anniversary of the 1st generation members 🎂


The 1st generation members are so kind,
we the juniors always depend so much on them,
that it makes me feel we get too spoiled…



I really love, love, love so much
all my seniors who are so interesting,
generous and cool.


Thank you so much for everything ☺️





Congratulations on the 8 year anniversary 🌸






On the day after tomorrow, the 23th  
it’s the Seventeen’s summer school festival 2023 🏝

I’m looking forward to it^^


See you!
Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono

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