My Encounter with the 3rd-Gens #nagisablog (2023.08.22)

KonNagi~I’m Kojima Nagisa, 18 years old from Nagano prefecture!



I’m currently inside a car, returning from a festival.
Miu (Murayama Miu) is sitting across the aisle and Rika is sitting in front of me, but I think apart from us three, all the other 3rd gens are sleeping.



It’s amusing how everyone’s head are tilted neatly to the right.
But in particular, I’m a bit worried seeing how the necks of AiRiko (Taniguchi Airi & Endo Riko) are like tilted 90 degrees like they might break anytime.
Everyone looks so comfortable in their sleep, it’s so cute~😴
That is all!


By the way, I’m part of those students who won’t sleep on the way during a school trip. I just can’t help but to stay awake in such moments.


It feels comforting to look at my friends sleeping faces.






August 12th,
I performed in ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL 2023!


I’m so grateful that the 3rd gens can perform in two summer festivals along with our seniors.


Thank you for all of you who came!





Here’s the T-shirt and towel and that I received!
Thank you so much!
I’m keeping it neatly at home.


I drank a peach frozen drink from the catering provided on that day.
Peach is the best!!! It was delicious.





📸With Miu!

We took a two-shots while wearing the new dress!
I like the light blue color and the connecting wavy pattern.

We use it for the first time in public in this festival!
Such a beautiful dress🌸




Me and Miu have promised to eat out🍚
Can’t wait!!






August 13th,
The long-awaited real meet & greet!!

We finally met!!
I was so nervous, but it was fun.

Rika who was paired with me did help me a lot. This time I also wore a yukata, and again Rika helped me to put it on!!
Thank you so much!!


Rika really seems to be able to do anything. She looks like “fuwafuwashiteiru”, but in reality she’s such a dependable elder sister.
[t/n: like carefree, not very “involved” in the present, a daydreamer, etc]


All of Rika’s fans are also very kind, it’s comforting~. Thank you!


There are some who couldn’t come this time, but next time when we can meet, let’s do the “KonNagi~” together☺︎



📸photo by Rika

Thank you for a lot of flowers and banners that you all gave!!

I took pictures each of them.
It makes me feel happy whenever I look back to those pictures.

They’re so cute, I wished I could’ve bring them home.



Love you all~🫶🏻




Oh, I also had a look at Mio’s (Matono Mio) blog👀
Mio looked so good in the blue yukata, right?!!!!


I love you to Mio~ Thank you~❤︎


I hope we can see everyone in their yukata again next year,,





August 18th,
It was Murai Yu-chan’s 19th birthday!

Happy birthday Yu!!!!


I wish that your19th year will be a great one as well~👼🏻




Things that I like about Yu
– Always giving her best and putting in effort for everything
– How it seems like she’s the no.1 person in the world who enjoys her food
– How big her eyes are
– How she’s such a goofball, sometimes she’d make people around her laugh because of her peculiar statements
– Always making me stay positive, no matter what happens



She really fits the image of someone who is “Doing her best” or “Giving all her effort”.




She has such a pretty face, yet also pure and a bit goofy, but at the same she’s also really good at dancing.




Let’s continue to do our best from now on





August 28th,
In just a moment, a year will pass ever since I’ve met the other 3rd-gen members.


When I looked back at my calendar, the day of the final audition for Sakurazaka46, August 28th, is getting closer.


There was a time for us to talk in the waiting room after the final audition, and that was where I had my first conversation with the other 3rd-gens.


I wrote down my first impression about everyone else in my smart phone, so let me share it with you.


🌸(the Sakura emoji is the title of the memo)

– Nickname : Rina-nee (Big sis’ Rika)? She’s so tolerant, just like a real big sis! She’s so cool!
January 13th → Ishimori Rika-chan

– The girl I met at the cafe! The girl with bob hair! Cute! She looks so fluffy while laughing🐶
→ Endo Riko-chan, May 9th

– She talks a lot! Her thick Kyoto dialect is cute!
January 22nd →Yamashita Shizuki-chan

– Nakashima Yuzuki-chan! She got this mysterious vibe yet also seems funny! Pretty! Cute!
February 17th →Nakashima Yuzuki-chan

– The volleyball girl! She’s so tall and has a great figure! Her eyes are pretty,,
February 15th → Murayama Miu-chan

– The girl who cried. Her face is so small, it’s cute! Also her hair is so smooth!
November 8th → Matono Mio-chan

– The girl who sings really well! She got this cool beauty vibe, yet is sooo cute!
April 12th → Taniguchi Airi-chan

– Wait, she seems so smart! She looks elegant even when laughing! Her dress are like what princesses would have!
July 25th → Odakura Reina-chan

– Somehow her stare is so strong! Her eyes are sparkling! Her hair cuticles are also shiny
→ Murai Yu-chan, August 18th

– She looks like an adult, I didn’t believe she’s still in high-school! Her voice would pass through one layer of wall!
May 9th → Mukai Itoha-chan




I wrote whatever came to my mind at the time I met them for the first time. It’s interesting that now I have completely different impression for some of them, but also the same for others.



The dates written are their birthdays.  (T/N : She got Enriko’s wrong though…)
It looks like I was trying my best to remember their face, name, and birthdays.


I believe there’s no particular reason why I wrote in that order, but just based on who came up to my mind right away…?
From the amount of exclamation marks I used there, you can tell just how excited I was, ehehe


I do look back at this memo at times, and when I do it’s like I relive all those feelings back from that time.


It’s like going back to the starting point.




One year just went past by after that in a flash.
Once again, I feel that I’ve spent one fulfilling year.



At first, there are so many new experiences that I don’t which is which.


On the first dance lesson, my core muscles are not trained yet. I remember there was an instance where I fell down magnificently during the turning motion on the chorus of BAN.
Sometimes we would watch the footage and laugh at it.


According to the staffs, during our first photoshoot, I was talking all around with the staffs and the 3rd gens. All feelings, nervousness, worries, and excitement were just mixed up. I did took a lot of pictures.


Looking back at them, everyone looks so innocent like babies.


I just recalled so many memories that I might keep on writing forever.


Let me upload some pictures from the early days for another time~
I’m embarrassed to do it now,,,



When I was going back and forth between my hometown and Tokyo, it felt lonely whenever I couldn’t meet them. Everyday I try to contact and ask what are they doing. When I couldn’t meet them for long, I would make a call and just get hyped while talking nonsense,,,



We’re getting to know each other better each and every day, and the more I know them the more I love them.



The are all my irreplaceable buddies.
I feel like I’ve opened myself so much to them, that they already know everything about me, moreover all 10 of them accept and embrace it all.



I’m always thankful for all of you who are supporting us the 3rd-gens, saying that you support and love all of us.
I hope you can continue to loving us from now on,,,
I will continue to do my best with this job to earn that privilege.



I wonder what this second year will be like~
I believe that from now on there are many hurdles to climb and that each one of us might change, but I hope those things will actually encourage us and we’ll continue to have a wonderful relationship.


Everyone, let’s continue working together from now on!!






Well then, that’s it for today!

Next up is Airi (Taniguchi Airi)!
Look forward to it!!


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