My 9th Year (2023.08.22)



I spent 8 years in Keyakizaka46 and Sakurazaka46


I have now learned to believe in myself
to accept myself


Through chance encounters
I met many sceneries and emotions
I also saw new dreams from all the different jobs that I did.

From the reliable 2nd generation members, and 3rd generation members who are filled with nothing but possibilities
The future of Sakurazaka46 will continue to be drawn
Because of those juniors, before I realized it
the group has become a place where I feel at ease.


I want to break open new ground from here on as an artist
such is the part I chose for my 9th year.
I think that I have to tell it to you honestly.


I will be graduating from Sakurazaka46 with the end of 3rd YEAR ANNIVERSARY LIVE
at ZOZO Marine Stadium on 25th November



Truly thank you as always
to all the fans who continue to support me
no matter what.
I will continue to cherish those of you
who support someone like me.

I’d like to take a peek of the way things are with the way I am,
keeping an eye from a slight distance.


Habu Mizuho

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