🐯🌸 (2022.02.03)

My first blog of 2022,
and when I noticed it’s already February 🐯

Please take care of me again this year.



Have you guys been spending your time enjoyably~?
Let’s do our best at our own pace while taking it easy~.


I will do my best as well to make this year a step up🌸!




Thank you very much for BACKS LIVE at the start of the year!
It was my first time participating and I was confused about many things
but I felt how nice it is to have a place where everyone can shine.






On the other day, Risa and Aoi announced their graduation 🌸

I feel very sad right now,
but I’d like to make any fun memories in the remaining time, so much that I won’t feel sad anymore 😌

Because we have so many things that we want to do together βœŒοΈŽπŸš—πŸšπŸ˜‹πŸ₯ŸπŸ₯©



Well then, see you again

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