I was there when it happened (2022.02.02)

I was there when it happened


I didn’t miss that moment






Whether or not those who watched
will ever tell someone that in the future




I think has become something important since the end of the show…





so that BACKS LIVE!! can be a starting point




The feelings from rehearsal time until the actual performance

The initial feelings that I felt when I’m selected as Backs



It all still here, every day, vividly!











To you who has come to watch
To you who watched the stream,

Thank you very much!!



I think that you watching over me right now,
with high hopes for the future, and I am grateful for that




I had to learn the choreography from zero, but I thought of it as a challenge as well,


I was able to center Microscope
the only song I did not participate in last time*




In the solo dance of the dance track
I also challenged something intense, something that would destroy my image 🦁


With the feeling of becoming a lion!




I’d be happy if you could feel the gap
between my solo dance and Microscope




And so it was the BACKS LIVE!! where I challenged more things than before





And yet…
every day I am filled with the feelings of wanting even more






While facing those indescribable emotions

I spent day after day trying to win against myself










To those who watched

“Kouhaku Uta Gassen”


“CDTV Special! New Year’s Eve Premium Live”,
thank you very much for your support until the end of 2021!









I met Runapi, Mikunin, and Paru β™‘








Let’s make 2022 a great year together

Please treat me kindly~~ 🌸
























On the other day, Risa-san and Aoi-san announced their graduation


Even from now on, I will never get used to this sadness




But I feel that I should feel grateful that we could meet in the first place,

And I’m positively thinking of cherishing the present when we are together












Please continue to support Sakurazaka46
who continues to decide, changes, and lives on *










πŸ“ Sakumimi #117, #118 with Inoue, Endo, and Ozono
is currently airing!


We celebrated Inori’s birthday πŸ¦’
By all means, please give it a listenγ€œγ€œβœ΄οΈŽ



πŸ“ On 3rd February from 21:00γ€œ21:54 JST
I will be appearing on “Himitsu no Kenmin Show” ✨


It’s a show that I have always been watching, so I’m happy!!
By all means, please give it a watch*










Ozono Rei

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