To everyone (2022.01.29)

Good evening


About a month has already passed
since we enter 2022.
It’s so fast.



Spring break is approaching, and I realized how I only have a year left as a student~.
Because there’s only a short time left, I thought that I’d like to spend it in a fulfilling way~.

And today,
there is something that I’d like to announce to everyone.


With the end of the next 4th single,
I will graduate from Sakurazaka46.



It’s been about 6 years since the group formed,
to the fans who have always been by our side, and supported us in any situation,
truly, thank you very much.



The words I received from you,
each of them gave me encouragement and confidence.



The staff who supported us closely
and the people that I met in the sites are truly warm,
I am happy to have been able to work surrounded by such people.



And, the reason why the crybaby and a bit of hardheaded me could come this far is because there are my beloved members, who have walked with me all this time.
I have forgotten about the old me, who was so quick to cry,
until Fuuchan told me the other day,
“Aoi doesn’t cry anymore~”.
Thank you for always supporting it when I needed it~!



I entered the group in my 3rd year of middle school,
I was following behind everyone,
but thanks to the many happy and frustrating experiences I had,
I feel like I have become a much more mature person, both on the outside and on the inside.
I have become very strong and tough! (Probably…)


And through my activities at Keyakizaka and Sakurazaka,
as I experience and learn things more than I’m capable of, I found a new goal that I wanted to achieve.
From now on, I will work towards that path, one step at a time.



The next single will be my last one,
but there is still plenty of time left,
I hope I can make this a period where I can express my gratitude to everyone and create wonderful memories.



I will enjoy these moments that can only exist now to the fullest ✨
I look forward to your continued support.





Harada Aoi

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