Thank you for opening this blog.  It’s Sakurazaka46’s Seki Yumiko🐱





There was a graduation announcement for Riko


I didn’t intend to write blog until the day she graduate
Since Riko is still (a part of) Sakurazaka46

But after writing my feelings on mobame on the other day, I couldn’t stop the feelings, and I am writing this blog right now




Since we joined Keyaki, we have felt all the emotions such as joy, anger, sorrow, and joy together

That one time when we were in the car, the first and last gravure photoshoot that we did together, the phone call I received in the early days when I was still in Fukuoka.
There are still many more, but they are all precious memories






A precious picture taken with #Yumiko Camera

I’m glad I took my camera with me!
I’m glad I like photography!
Because of that, we were able to take a such wonderful picture!
Past me! Thank you!
such are my feelings☺︎



When we took our first profile picture!



The first picture I took with the two of them is really crazy bright lol






The music club!













Right now, I still can’t believe that someone from 2nd generation is graduating, but I was happy to be able to join Keyakizaka46 with these eight.

I’m sure things would be different if any one of us had not been here*

I’m going to spend the remaining time carefully, so I hope that you can do the same as well




Well, that’s it for today!


Thank you for reading until the end!


Seki Yumiko🐱

* took more liberty in translating this sentence due to lack of context

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