Cow (2021.01.15)




Last Christmas
I bought the speaker that I always wanted
thinking that they are
a gift for myself,

It recently arrived!



And y’know what. Well, well, it’s amazing.
I use it everyday.


After all, music is an essential part of life🤔


A sudden Marina-chan

O-Oh my🤦
Isn’t this just too cute…




I will put the picture taken,
when we were able to appear on CDTV at the start of the year

She did the Tamu Tamu~ (pose)
So cute…🧸


I really like the Nobody’s fault
performed wearing this costume!




It is truly a grateful thing
to be able to perform Nobody’s fault
in various music shows at the end of the year


Every time,
the hairstyle changes with the costume
And it’s fun and interesting
how the way the song is perceived and felt
change with it

I feel like I’m starting to see and find
the “Sakurazaka-likeness” slowly,
it makes me feel excited.

It’s very fun.



In this way
I don’t want Sakurazaka46 to be just “made”,
but we want to make it ourselves.


It would be great if you was able to enjoy
watching the various Nobody’s fault from last week💭



I will slightly answer
the questions I received in mobame´`*


Q: What was the first dream you see?

→ I had a dream that I was being chased by a bicycle
It was scary. (T_T) Lol


Q: Is there is any book you are currently focusing on

→ It’s “Kagami no Kojou (The Lonely Castle in the Mirror)”
I have always been interested on it
I finally got it and now reading it.📚


Q: Your favorite osechi ingredient?

→ Easily kuri kinton


Q: Where do you look on people for first impression?

→ Voice, eye contact



I’m happy that I often receive questions about make-ups
in meguri and mobame letters,
so I will be sending them to mobame☺️



I will write again


See ya!
Sakurazaka46’s Tamura Hono


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