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It’s Sakurazaka46’s
Matsuda Rina, from Miyazaki


Thank you for opening this blog



I have been featured on “Yanmaga Web”s Sakamichi Next Generation!
You can see it until 26th January!


Please do give it a look!





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On the other day, Matsudaira Riko’s graduation has been announced. right?


I’m very sad!!

Although I’m aware that there will come the day where someone will graduate

In the end, it’s still something very saddening


I felt as if we could always be together

But just because she’s are graduating, it doesn’t mean that our current relationship is over, so Riko! Take care of me from now on too, okay!



Riko is truly a very, very funny person!! Like how during the early days, Riko’s Keyaki pose mostly ended up looking like a fox pose when dancing, her Sakura pose took a shape I couldn’t understand, and on the other day I laughed so hard on the balloon popping game in SokoSaku, make a joke in such a high level no one could retort to it, or like her slightly scary burikko character in SokoSaku.


I want to cherish and enjoy the time we work together with from now on!


I will support the path Riko has decided to take!



Both pictures are from during Omotenashikai!


But more than that, I’m more interested on Riko’s peace sign




I like Riko’s ponytail (look)!



When we did SHOWROOM together



When we travelled by shinkansen
Probably from during the tour?


I’m sure my shoulder must be difficult to sleep on because it’s lower, but lately she’s been doing this whenever I sit next to her in the vehicle




Riko! I love you!




Thank you for reading this blog

See ya☁️




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