Rikopi (2021.01.14)

Good evening

Sorry that I haven’t been updating 💦



On the other day, the graduation of a member, Matsudaira Riko, has been announced.


I remember very well how I was drawn to her when when I see her introduction video, when she was just assigned as Keyakizaka 2nd generation


When we actually work together,
there is a gap between her looks and her inside,
I thought that it is also a charm of hers.


Recently, with Rikopi’s hard work as well,
I feel that there are more goodness coming out from the show, I was very happy!


I feel very sad and worried to know that she is graduating, when I thought that we can continue to work hard together from now on.

But there are still time remains in the activity of the 1st single,
so I hope that the fans can enjoy their remaining time
with Rikopi!

And us, members, too would like to carefully spend our time with Rikopi

Please do give your support for Rikopi
until the very end!



Sugai Yuuka


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