💐* (2024.01.22)

When I was listening to a song, I thought that it had so many background vocals, but turns out it was just

hearing the conversation between children behind me in a pleasant rhythm ^^




It’s Kobayashi Yui


Good evening










It has been half a month since the start of the year…



Sorry for the delay in greeting you through my blog,

but happy new year 🐉



I wish you all a healthy and happy year this year as well.














The music video for my solo song

“Kimi ga Sayonara Ietatte…” has been released!



I was able to work with Director Shinguu.

who has directed so many Keyakizaka46 MV,

and were able to produce my final MV into another wonderful piece of work




The dance expressed

the manner of cherishing past memories and history,

and yet still move forward without looking back


The choreography was created by s**t kingz’s shoji-san

who we have worked with before for Sakurazaka46 unit songs!


I really love the choreography,

which not only expresses the full range of emotions,

but also gives a sense of dance technique and rhythm


I also received so much support from all the dancers who participated,

which I am very grateful of




The costume that is decorated with more than 10 meters long of Keyaki and Sakura-colored fabric,

was created by Sakai [Takeru]-san,

piece after piece comes off as the song progresses,

and at the end, it becomes a pure white dress with nothing on it


I had to strip it off several times, so for each shot, they had to restore it with basting threads!

I am very grateful for it 🥲




It was the first time I had filmed an MV on my own, so I felt worried,

but with the help of many people,

I was able to create an MV that I’d like to share with everyone


I’d be happy if you could see it many times 🕊️














I have completed my last online miiguri,

and real miiguri




In the first online miiguri that started after COVID,

at first, I was confused with how different it felt from usual,

but we were able to do a lot of things that wouldn’t be able to be done in a normal handshake,

such as how you showed your pet at home, showed your goods, or shared beautiful sceneries from your place of travel,

and I think I was able to speak about a lot more things with you all!



But still, I wish for a chance to meet in person again,

and been waiting for that moment,

with the start of real miiguri since last year,

I was happy to be able to speak with all of you face-to-face and completed the last thing I wanted to do!



I am not so sure that I was able to meet everyone’s requests,

or hold a conversation that you would find enjoyable, but just being able to chat with you was so much fun for me already!



Thank you for coming to see me lots ♡













The rehearsal for my graduation concert has started,

and I’m working hard every day to make it into a good show!



We also had many discussions about goods that I designed

Please wait a little while longer for the details!







My graduation is getting closer with each passing day, huh


My graduation project was also held in “Soko Magattara, Sakurazaka?”!


The latter half will be aired next week


Please do give it a look!





see you again ⊿⊿


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