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I hope that every day you find time for relief 



On good days, on bad days, and even on days that are neither good nor bad, I’m rooting for you*












Happy new year 










Since 2024 is my year 🦖



I want it to be a year where I try new things 












Last year, I was together with the members until the very very end*










The 74th NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen



and CDTV New Year’s Eve Special




Thank you very much for watching✨






I fell in love with the sparkles


I want to bring this part around with me 





Making our names part of the design is cute









To spend time with everyone I love until the very last moment of this year too




I’ll do my best!!!



















It’s uploaded on the Sakurazaka Channel on YouTube, but

At the start of the year, I spent a very relaxing time in Kagoshima🫧








I did what I like






Engrossed by oil paintings,

I’ve been painting little by little 




I like how the paint doesn’t dry right away













Once it’s finished…

If I’m satisfied with it… I think I’ll post it〜






I also read a book




“Six Lying College Students”

Imagine what it would be like if you were a job-hunting student


It made me feel like supporting those who came to meet and greets and send letters on the messaging app that said “Please support me in my job hunting!” from the bottom of my heart.






I think you’re in the middle of taking entrance exams and job hunting right now,

But no matter what path you choose, there will be encounters only on that path


is what I recommend you try to believe*

I’m rooting for you!!





It seems like the movie will be released this fall so I’m looking forward to it

I’ll deeefinitely go and see it!















I also appeared as a secret guest at the Sakura Meets event! 


I also joined Hanako-san’s skit

I’m happy🐶







The role of Pudding-chan the Borzoi 🐩






I also watched the First Half, Afternoon Meets, from backstageー!

I respected the 4 of them, watching the skits and doing the skits were also fun



I laughed a lot at Matsu and Rika-chan’s exquisite facial expressions during Kira-chan’s original skit






The archived stream of “Sakura Meets New Year’s Party” has been extended until January 31st,

So please watch it and laugh a lot!


















Thank you for coming to the Kyoto and Makuhari real meet and greets ♡







It’s nice for you to be in front of my eyes, and to be able to meet you





Thank you for coming in the cold…!








During the 8th single, “Ikutsu no Koro ni Modoritai no ka?” I want to meet you a lot too〜


I’ll be waiting*








🛋️ On “Up to Boy” which goes on sale January 23 (Tuesday), Renaa and I will appear on the cover!


It’s a gravure of the Year of the Dragon pair 🦖

Miu-chan also appears on the inside pages!

I’ll post behind-the-scenes pictures again

Please check it out〜✴︎








🛋️ The broadcast by Renaa and I is currently airing inside Lawson stores!

It runs until January 29 (Monday), so please go and listen to it, okay?






For this year too, I want to share moments I will never forget 









I’ll write again*






Ozono Rei

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