To everyone (2024.01.24)

Hello, everyone


It’s Matono Mio


The formation of 8th single
Has been announced in “Soko Magattara, Sakurazaka?”


I have been given the opportunity to do my 8th single activity as a senbatsu member


I’ve been able to be selected for this position
Thanks to all of your love and support.
Truly, thank you very much.


When my name was called,
It was as if time had stopped,
And made me wonder if this is what people mean when they mind goes blank


I am sure that there must be those


Who are not satisfied and ask,
“Why is Matono selected?”


Who didn’t expect it at all


Who thinks that Matono is unnecessary for the lineup




Just like those people,
Sometimes I also doubt myself at times


There are also times when I shed tears



Being able to do activities as a senbatsu member
Was something that I had set as one of my goals,
But it was something that seemed like a star that was shining far away from me


However I believe that these doubts and anxiety that I have right now,

Is something that I need to overcome in order to grow even more,

Rather than just allowing it to make me feel restless all the time



To say “I don’t have the confidence” again and again,

Making excuses is something that I don’t want to be good at



I accept all of your opinions, whatever it may be

For that, I’d be happy if you could warmly watch over me.




I was able to do my 7th single activity as a BACKS member


The feeling of frustration, sadness,
And the strength to overcome it


I was able to learn so many things.



Because of that

I will accept the responsibility and weight of being chosen as a senbatsu member

And would like to move straight forward

While remembering the smiles of everyone who always supported me




I will do my best to fulfill my duty as 7th single BACKS member
to the best of my ability




My goal this time is

To constantly re-evaluate myself and continue to grow




Your presence is the light that illuminates my dreams

With that light, I am sure that I can walk down any dark path




Please give your continued support for me in 8th single as well.




Lately, I’ve been feeling a little down mentally,

But when I listen to “Nintama Rantarou”s “Yuuki 100%”

The lyrics really seem to be dazzling for me right now



It made my heart feel lighter like

“Aight!! There’s no choice but to go for it!!!!


I recommend listening to it





The sight of how all the 3rd generation members

Running up to me and saying “Matono!! Congrats!!” after the senbatsu announcement

Will forever remain in my heart




Thank you.

I will give my best!




See ya

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