🗣🤍 for the first time (2020.10.21)


Good afternoon, good evening

I am Sakurazaka46’s Saito Fuyuka🐷🌸


These sunny autumn days keep coming and feel so good.

Ordinarily I’d start worrying about dry weather…

I think I wanna try my best to keep up with skin and throat care💪🏻





To celebrate Sakurazaka46’s first single, “Nobody’s fault” going on sale Wednesday, December 9th, there will be an online meet  and greet (individual meetings). Applications opened today at 2pm!!!!!



The first round of ballots will be open until tomorrow, Thursday, October 22nd at 2PM!

It’s not an individual handshake, but an individual meet and greet.

It’s the first time we’ve done this, so I’m nervous about how it’ll be, but I love talking with fans so I’m REEEALLY looking forward to it!!!!!

I wasn’t able to meet with fans for way too long and now there’s so many things to talk about with them… where should I even start…?

I haven’t even been able to talk 1 on 1 about last year’s tour or the Tokyo Dome performance… 🥺✨

Waa~ I can’t freaking wait!!!!!

I think I’ll be able to talk to lots of people, those who were already coming to handshakes and those who will be coming for the first time!

I’ll definitely be waiting for you all🙌🏻


For those who are doing this for the first time and aren’t sure what to do,


You should definitely check this link out!

Yoroshiku onegaiitashimasu!        (tl: please take care of me/look after me/etc, just google it)


I’ll be waiting~🌱





Today, the new system Sakurazaka46 will be following was announced on the official site



I’ve been chosen to perform in the 3rd row of the song Yamasaki Ten is centering.

Being given this position, I’m going to give it the MAX amount of power I can put out, because I want to contribute to the group to the absolute limit that I’m capable of!

Please wait & look forward to it✨






See ya later~🤍

Saito Fuyuka


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