Thank You (2020.10.21)



Once again, we have become Sakurazaka46 🕊🤍

I’m Matsudaira Riko

2nd generation member from Tokyo.


“Silent Majority”
I was able to have my own costume made (^^)/♡






This time I’m writing a blog because
I want to upload Keyakizaka Last Live pictures


… Or so I’d like to say,
there are almost no pictures of the whole thing, but!
I’ll never forget this 2-day live performance
It’s an important day, and I’ll be happy to share the memories with you all…!


I was able to participate in the first performance of
“Sajin” and “Concentration”from Keyakizaka46 Best Album
I was able to join the performance of “Fukyouwaon” of the first time, something that has been my goal,
So I have no regret as Keyakizaka46!


Thank you for your many impressions from mobame letters ❤︎
It have become a special work within me
The production and the dance is very wonderful, I love it!







RikoPe-san 🐰🦈




A big cake 🍰♡






Now that a short while has passed since Keyaki closed it’s curtain
Writing this blog makes me wonder
just how much I love the group called Keyakizaka46?



All I can say is thank you
To the fans who have followed us until this point
Truly, thank you very much!
There was a time when we made you feel anxious, but I’m glad we’ve been able to welcome you this far together.


If you like, even if it’s very slowly,
I’d be happy if we can move forward together as Sakurazaka46




Sato Shiori-san, congratulations on your graduation!
Even after graduating, she is still the same kind senior
May I also be someone who can take actions toward my dream(s)!

I’m going to do my best in my own way, while taking lots of detours and staying true to myself (^ ^)!
And I hope that I can show you
many beautiful sceneries in the future.




Well then, see you.



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