🥳🎂💛 (2022.02.16)

Yesterday, February 15th, I had my 24th birthday🎂💛
Thank you so much for all the wishes you all sent me!!


I did another birthday SHOWROOM this year and was very happy to be able to talk a lot with all the fans☺️


As I said during the SHOWROOM, this year I plan on challenging myself to do the things I like and feel like doing without any hesitation.

It is thanks to all you fans that I was able to arrive at this idea and start moving forward with it.

Thank you so much for giving me the confidence and bravery to do this.

I’ll continue to do my best to make all of you who support me happy, so please stand by me🙏🏻❤️

I’ll send more😌💭

✉️ https://sakurazaka46.com/s/s46app/page_common/app_guide

↓These photo were taken when I was doing the SHOWROOM




And so, the formation for the 4th single was announced a few days ago


Ten-chan will be the center of the title song, while Risa and Hikaru-chan will be centering the coupling songs!


I will be performing in both Risa and Hikaru-chan’s coupling songs.



I’m really happy I’ll be getting to perform on a song that Hikaru-chan is centering for again🌱

Hikaru-chan is a simply talented dancer, and has a wide range to her expressiveness. I end up learning a lot from her every time.

I hope it can be another song that is seen and heard by many people…🚗



I’m truly glad I could be with Risa at the end, performing on the song she will be centering.

When Risa was selected to be center for the first time, on “Mugon no Uchuu,” despite being happy for her, I was upset that I couldn’t perform together with her.

So in the end, I’m really, really grateful and happy that I’ll be able to perform together with her as center on a song that all the members that are here will be creating together.

I can’t wait for everyone to see it..🕊🌌



Ten-chan’s first time centering a title song!!👏🏻

I had this feeling like “Finally…” I love every song Ten-chan centers and feel very attached to them, so I want her to have fun with it while challenging a variety of things, just she normally would🥰



Lastly, I’ll add some thoughts on myself as well…


After this formation was announced, I was filled with tears and feelings of frustration that I found strange even myself.


This is the 4th single, and up to this point I resigned myself to the thought “This is just the way it is…” and held back my frustration

but I tried thinking over why my feelings this time changed from how I’ve always been.


Maybe I’ve just been getting tired of accepting those feelings of frustration.

However, I feel that my desire to perform more and have people see it has now far surpassed those emotions.


How I can get more people to see me when each and every member is so full of charm,
When are the moments when I feel I can shine the brightest,
What is it that I feel I enjoy most, from the very bottom of my heart,


When I thought it over,
I realized the only way for any of that for me, is dancing.

And so I decided I’ll try to do it just as much as I possibly can, without setting a definitive limit for it in my head.


There are moments I suddenly wish I had made better use of the time thus far.

If I had been more confident, more proactive, if I had put in more effort, maybe I would have become better at things than I am now.

But the “now” I’m thinking of right now, in a few seconds, or a few years, will also become time I wish I had utilized better.

That’s why for now on, so that I don’t feel that way anymore, I want to do anything I feel I want to do with all my might.

I think it’s never too late to start something.

Anyone can start giving something their best, anytime.

If that something is something they love.

As I’m always telling the fans… Let’s keep on living life, cherishing the things we love✊🏻


Once again, thank you for your support.


I’d be grateful if you’d continue to do so!!




One last announcement🌟


The 2nd period of applications for the 4th single meet & greet will be between 2PM today, Wednesday, February 16th, and 2PM tomorrow, Thursday, February 17th😊

I’ve shared a lot of my thoughts with you, and next I’d like to hear directly from all of you on your thoughts~💭


I’m looking forward to seeing you🤍


✔️ https://fortunemusic.jp/sakurazaka46_202204/





Thank you so much for reading until the end☃️


Saito Fuyuka

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