INORI BLOG (2022.02.16)


This is Inoue Rina from Sakurazaka46.



Several days ago, the formation for the 4th-single “Samidareyo” has been announced.



I’m very grateful for having all the people who kept on supporting us, for being able to release another single, and for being the kind of person I am at the moment.

Whenever there’s an announcement of the formation, through Meet & Greet and other media I am always receiving words like “I’m happy for you…”, “Please do your best…”, “That regrettable…”, “I’m very sad…”, just to name a view.



It’s often that those feelings are the same with what I am feeling. Whichever it was, we have always overcome it together.



Although there were many times that I could share the same feeling with you, it’s my pleasure and joy if you all are always happy and always loving Sakurazaka.



I will treasure this position that was given to me and make sure that the song will reach out to many people.



Also, I will continue to give my best and not becoming lenient on myself so that I may continue to receive your support.
Please take care of me.



This time, it was announced that Sugai-san will only be participating in the song where Risa-san is the center. It’s unfortunate that there won’t be much time during the period of 4th-single’s promotional activities for me to work together with Sugai-san, who is always standing there at the front line and leading the group. However, all the members will do our best to cover up for her part as well.


Also, the 4th-single will be the last single where I can work together with Risa-san and Aoi-chan. I want to enjoy all the process while also making sure not to waste the time we have left. Let us make a lot of memories together as well!



The 4th-single 「Samidare yo」will be released on April 6th.
Looking forward to you support!





The 2nd application for the 4th-single Meet and Greet has been started as well.


I will be happy to spend some fun together with you, be it either with sharing some thoughts or even just having some silly conversations.

I will be waiting for you~!


The deadline for the 2nd application is tomorrow, February 17th by 2 PM.
Please check here for the details!




The other day, I had a SHOWROOM! together with Yumiko!
Thank you for those who came to watch!

Also, I’m sorry for being late for about 1 hour from the scheduled time.
I was so happy to be able to talk a lot with you!




Taken when we were doing the SHOWROOM!




As for the Valentine episode in Sokosaku,

this time I took the role of a boy~!





With Hikaru-senpai~!



My childhood friend, Marino-chan~!


I was swooning over the stories that everyone made!





Well then, that’s about it for today.



Thank you for reading up until the end.





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