🧸🕰 (2021.10.26)

Hello everyone


Sakurazaka46’s Kousaka Marino here 🌸




There were Meet and Greet events on 23th and 24th October~


Thank you to everyone who participated in it!


I changed my hairstyle for every session!

It’s so fun to have different hairstyles during Meet and Greet 🦔


A bear 🧸


Plenty of members also became a bear during Meet and Greet and everyone looks so cute~


My impressions on BACKSLIVE, W-KEYAKI FES, and 1st Tour, all of the concerts were so fun!I’m looking forward to November Meet and Greet!


Thank you~ 🍓




1st Tour in Osaka, thank you!!


I want to go to Osaka again 🐙


Strong habit doing peace pose 😵‍💫✌🏻



We’ll do our best for 3 days at Saitama Super Arena so please look forward to it~ ☃️





And, a few days ago Moriya Akane-san and Watanabe Rika-san’s graduation was announced.

I feel sad but I’ll keep supporting them from now on ☺️


It will be great if I can do my best with other members for both of you.


From now on please keep up the good work!






Since the temperature is getting lower than usual, please maintain your physical condition. What I do to keep my condition is wear heat-tech clothes and turn on the heater 🪁





Thank you for reading until the end






Kousaka Marino

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