My comrade-in-arms (2021.10.26)

Good morning

On the other day, our members Moriya Akane and Watanabe Rika announced their graduation from the group.

They are my important friends with whom I have gone through the thick and thin together in the past 5 years as Keyakizaka46’s 1st generation.

To be honest, I am feeling really, really sad.

I’m sure that all of you who have been supporting us all this time

are also feeling the same way.

There are so many memories of the past 5 years, they are countless.

We laughed a lot, we cried a lot.

When I realized, I have already taken it for granted to be together with them,

but in this world, nothing should be taken for granted.

Because we are always together,

I could tell what they want to do and how they are properly facing their own lives.

I sincerely hope for greater happiness for the two of them.

Because I love them

I hope to send our remaining time until graduation filled with laughter.


Akane with whom I shared symmetrical position from “Silent Majority”, and when I notice I would find her next to me.

During Keyaki time she was assigned the position of Vice-Captain, and as the “Yuukanen” pair we had many opportunities to talk together.

We are similar to one another, but are actually opposite in many ways as well,

but the passion within us is the same.

Speaking with her is stimulating and very fun.

We had a lot of choreography that we danced together.

The only song we sang together, “Heel no Takasa”

I hope we can sing it together again.


My audition number was close to Pe-ta, with whom I form the oldest duo.

Just by having her there makes me feel reassured,

she has a good sense of humor and makes the members laugh a lot.

She is truly a big presence for me as well.

There are many things I can do my best in because Pe-ta is there.

A born genius who can fully immerse herself in what she likes.

I look forward to her future from now on!

If Pe is gone, I will truly be the oldest then

To both Akane and Pe

I want you both to do everything that you want to do and graduate with a bang.

By all means, please watch over Akane and Pe

until the last day of 3rd single activity.

We are grateful for your support.

This will be the first graduations by 1st generation as Sakurazaka46.

I think that the shape and nature of the group will change with the passage of time.

I hope that it can be a group with a core that can respond to any situation.

Sakurazaka is full of potential!

I hope that we can seek ways to be of strength to others

without stopping.

I look forward to your continued support

of Sakurazaka46!

As a step toward our dreams of delivering the power of Sakurazaka to the people around the world,

something very happy happened 🌏

Sakurazaka46 has been nominated in “2021 MTV EMA”, the biggest music award in Europe,

in the category of Best Local Act for Best Japan Act category!

We couldn’t be more honored!

Truly thank you very much.

It appears that the Best Japan Act will be awarded to the group that received the most votes among the five Japanese nominees 🎖

I think that such a big chance doesn’t come very often

so I’d be glad if we could get the help of all of you who support us!!

You can vote as much as you like from this special site 💁🏻‍♀️


[ Deadline ]

11th November 2021 07:59AM (JST)

I’d like to make it come true with the Buddies who support us

and Sakurazaka’s 25 members!

We would be delighted to receive your help 🥺

We look forward to your support!

I will be writing a blog again.

Thank you very much for reading until the end.

Sugai Yuuka

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