100-yen honey 🍯🐝 (2022.04.04)


Good evening~



The rain and wind were so strong,
it was difficult to go out.
The wind was so strong that it broke my umbrella mid-way, and I had to buy a new one.
It was the worst!😭😭😭


I hope it’ll be clear tomorrow! β˜€οΈ






Tomorrow, 5th April from 10PM JST
I will be appearing in Rekomen! together with Koike Minami!πŸ“»


I’d be happy if you could stay late and have fun with us 🌸






Listen to it~☺️










I was teary-eyed from Hinamatsuri’s opening video, but when the LIVE started it was very fun and time flew by ✨
I wished that I could stay immersed in that glittering atmosphere.
Listening to songs from Hiragana Keyaki time, I remembered the national handshake event and and felt nostalgic.

After all, I do love LOYFUL LOVE~!*🀍
*T/N: Mistake from the original blog



See ya~






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