Assistant Director (2022.04.05)

Good afternoon




Were you able to watch the “Cream Nantara”
TV show from last week?


We had the opportunity to play the role of the tricksters
by disguising ourselves as assistant directors 😌


Assistant Director (2022.04.05)


I wonder if the Buddies noticed it~? 🙊



I was nervous at the beginning, but I became more and more
invested in the constant movement and support that is done as an assistant director,
so it was a valuable experience for me 😳 (Laughs)



It’s the first time that I had the opportunity to do
the work of an assistant director, and once again,
my constant feelings of gratitude were overflowing!



And I will have the opportunity to make an appearance
in the next week’s broadcast of
“Cream Nantara” TV show as well!


I’m happy to be able to make an appearance for 2 weeks in a row…
Thank you 🙇🥲


Please watch it by all means










Finally, tomorrow Wednesday April 6th,
the 4th single “Samidare Yo”


will be released 🌾



I wonder if there were some people who got it today before the official release date?
Thank you (^.^)


It’s a CD that is packed with feelings,
so I hope that it reaches a lot of people.






And tomorrow on the release day, from 22:00
I will have the opportunity to make a live appearance

in the “Rekomen” radio program!

Together with Rei-chan ☺️


Let’s liven things up on the release day~








Today Tuesday April 5th, from 19:57
We will have the opportunity to perform


in the NHK’s music show “Utacon” 🎤



It will be a live broadcast. Please watch it~!





I finished the recording for the
Fan Club limited radio “Sakumimi”


please listen to it ~(˙༥˙)




See you~

Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono

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