12. 👓I wore glasses. This is Endo Riko. (2023.07.07)



Thank you for opening this blog. ☺︎




I’m Endo Riko, a 17 years old 2nd year high school student from Saitama.




Guess what day it is today~?


It’s July 7th!!! ☺︎

It’s Habu-san’s and Nagi-chan’s birthday~!!


Thank you so much for everything Habu-san. ☺︎
Thank you for everything Nagi-chan. ☺︎



Happy birthday. 🎊





(Ah, speaking of July 7th there’s also Tanabata right.)


Have you guys checked out my greeting card,,? Lol

There’s 2 things I wished for there, so please try checking it out~ lol

Since it’s not just one wish. ☺︎








[🦅Itoha who is just like a girlfriend is really cute.🐭]



The other day I went to the zoo with Itoha!!


I wonder how long it has been since I went to the zoo…


Since it really has been a while,
I had a lot of fun with Itoha~!



Personally, the animals I’m interested in are:


Prairie dog,
Northern caiman lizard,
And anteater!!


The anteater always did weird things. lol
Someday I want to show you guys the pics~



If you guys are also going to the zoo please check out my favorite animals too, okay. ☺︎





The day I went to the zoo, it was a really hot day.

That’s why,
We unfortunately couldn’t see the polar bear 🐻‍❄️ that Itoha has been curious about…




Ah, but!

“When it’s going to cool down I want to try going to a different zoo and I want to see the polar bear~”

She said that to me,
This might increase my excitement. 🤭


I want to go to the zoo a lot~ ♪







[It’s anthem time!!!]



The 6th single “Start over!” that was on released the other day,

I will be happy if it reaches a lot of people. ☺︎


Everyone, thank you so much. ♪





We also visited SHIBUYA TSUTAYA,
And got the honor to sign it! ✍️

I was really happy that it was printed in a really large size. ☺︎

Thank you very much!





Right right,
”Anthem time”, the song that the 3rd gen participated in, have you listened to it? ☺︎



It became a song with a different vibe compared to “Seijaku no Bouryoku” right~

I’m happy if you can find a lot of 3rd generation’s different charms. ☺︎



In this song,
We don’t match completely how we would express ourselves,
It became a song that we sang with each of our own personalities.


I can’t wait to perform this in front of everyone!



Look forward to how I would express “Anthem time”, okay. ☺︎





「The MV for “Drone Senkaichuu” has also been posted right~!

Have you guys watched it?


As expected, the seniors can handle songs with any kind of vibe. ☺︎☺︎








[Meet & Greet]



It has been a while since we did a Meet & Greet, it was really fun,,,
Thank you very much!!



After all, being able to interact with everyone is the best right!

I received a lot of power from it. ☺︎
I will do my best from now on too, please watch me okay~




Did you guys manage to absorb a lot of power from me?? 🫣

Work, school, part-time jobs, house chores, etc.
You guys did a great job each day!



I want to be someone who can cheer everyone up. lol




Oh yeah, I also styled my hair~



I tried doing the bear 🐻 hairstyle, and ponytail.

I was happy that everyone told me that I’m cute.
🤭( ´ ▽ ` )



I was really excited the whole time yesterday~

By the way,
The ponytail was a request from Itoha!



I want to try various hair styles on the next Meet & Greet too~ ☺︎☺︎


I will also post the clothes I wore someday。





So the next Meet & Greet is still the day after tomorrow,,


I can’t wait. 🫣









[Look look~! I wore glasses👓]























I tried wearing the glasses that I mentioned that I’ve bought it in previous blog~ 🥸



How’s it,,,??

Have you guys become Riko’s captive~?



Please tell me what you think, okay. ☺︎☺︎

Ah, but please don’t tell me if it doesn’t suit me… 🙊




“I keep retaking the picture hundreds of times because the glasses keep reflecting it…”

When I talked about that to Miu and Itoha,

“You have to take out the lenses and take the picture~”

Jokingly said that. 🙃




You see,

“I want to find you a pair of glasses with removable lenses that will suit you.”

Miu said that to me,
She’s so kind,,,
And cool,,








🐶What team are you guys? Team Riko of course~!🐶



Team Riko corner!!
Have you guys been enjoying it?



Through this corner,
Please get to know more about me. ☺︎




Are you guys team zoo?
or team aquarium?




I’m team zoo!!

Though I dream of going to see jellyfish 🪼 at the aquarium,
But since the zoo date with Itoha yesterday was really fun,
For now I’m team zoo~ lol



But everyone is Team Riko right~!!☺︎



#私は理子派 (#I’mTeamRiko)

Using that tag,
Tell me what team you are okay!







[Riko’s monologue]



The other day I ate Takenoko no Sato~
After all, I like the cookie part of it because it’s sweet.

But, I have plans to eat Kinoko no Yama too next time.
So Team Kinoko please don’t be mad at me okay. lol
[T/N: Takenoko no Sato and Kinoko no Yama are the snacks Riko mentioned in her previous Team Riko corner.]




I want to go to a cat cafe next time!
Truth is I have never been to a cat cafe~
That’s why I tried inviting Shiichan. ( ´ ▽ ` )
Even though I’m bad at asking someone to go out somewhere with me, I managed to invite her. 🤭
I can’t wait!!




I really love to receive letters from you guys, that’s why I often check the letter box~ ☺︎
But, I do it too frequently,
That when I went to check it there was still nothing there. lol





Also, the next episode of “Soko Magattara, Sakurazaka?” is an academic test. 🤫






The blog this time will end here!!!


Did you guys enjoy it~?




Lastly, the one you guys have been waiting for.
A 2-shot with Reina-chan~ ☺︎












Thank you for reading until the end.




Look forward to Reina-chan’s next blog~!

Reina-chan who had twin tails during Meet & Greet sure was really cute. 🤭
The people who got to see it, it surely made your day, right? ☺︎

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