Suyanyan Odakura Reina (2023.07.08)

Happy Saturday.



I’m currently looking for the right words to add to a birthday present that I’m giving to someone who will always be important to me. 


I don’t want to write something ordinary
But on the other hand, there are times where what we want to cherish the most is something ordinary……

I’m drowning in a sea of thoughts.


What would you all write?




I am Odakura Reina
18 years old, from Tokyo.


It’s a little exciting how you can feel it shaking around while you’re walking. I’m simple, so it kinda makes me feel like I’m a metronome or something lol




Meet & Greet

We finally had meet & greet again,
I’d been looking forward to it!

You made me laugh so much,
and touched my heart to the point that I was on the verge of tears

I appreciate all the thoughts and feelings you expressed to me. It was such a wonderful time💭



Braids, as chosen by Miu
I took a video of Miu as she did her hair next to me because she looked so cute, and she smiled at me and did a peace sign.


On 7/2, I did

I’d like to try even more hairstyles in the future.

The hairstyle that fits my kind of fashion right now is a ponytail.
It’s awesome because it feels so cool during summer☀️


I’ve also enjoy the time I take to think,

What should I talk about today?
What kind of hairstyle would please the fans?


I’ve actually already decided what hairstyle I’ll do tomorrow.
Please look forward to seeing it!

Let’s chat a lot tomorrow!
I’ve already thought up lots of different topics we can use☺️




Q&A Corner

Q. What’s something you absolutely always do before bed?

A. I watch comedians on YouTube.
It’s nice going to sleep after laughing~


Q. What flavor of ramen do you like?

A. I like a tonkotsu soup base.
Lately I’ve been really into adding lots of thinly sliced wood ear mushrooms to my ramen. 


Q. What was your favorite shot when being photographed for photocards?

A. The close-up shot of my face for the color coordination set.
The photographer was a really funny person, I had a natural smile on my face because I was laughing the whole time.
Which one do you like?
[t/n: you can see which she’s talking about by googling “生写真 カラーコーデ 小田倉麗奈”]





I had the pleasure of being invited onto the show.
Did you listen to the broadcast?

I like radio so much that I listen to it every day, but it’s a strange feeling actually appearing myself now, and I was actually more nervous just before the broadcast than I was while we were recording. 

Inoue-san’s stories are always funny, she’s always kind, and one of my beloved seniors. I’m happy I was able to talk about lots of things, and I’d like to try to express myself regularly from now on!

It was so much fun!




Anthem time

The melody is kind of like an anime theme song, it gets your heart beating fast like something’s about to begin.

The way I perceive the lyrics changes every time we perform it, I think it’s the kind of song that makes you do that.

Please listen to it a lot!



Drone Senkaichuu

Have you watched the MV already?
All of our seniors are so cute and lovely. 

I’ve watched it so many times on loop📺
Everyone, be sure to join me on this~~




A story about sleeping well




I woke up and said to myself “Should I take a picture?”

I thought, “This is a serious face, right?” but it’s a strange photo, because after looking at it for about 10 seconds, it also sort of looks like I’m smiling


I can pretty much instantly fall asleep no matter where I am.
I like sleep so much that… it wouldn’t even be an exaggeration to say that I live so that I can sleep. 

I usually carry around a pillow in my bag wherever I go. It’s a springy cat pillow.

The name contains a prayer for good sleep, “Suyanyan”
I have yet to have a dream about cats.
[t/n: Suyasuya is an adverb to describe sleep as very deep and peaceful; nyan is meow]


Rika is the type of person who can’t sleep unless they’re home, so about me being able to sleep anywhere, she said “Must be nice…” 

I’ve been secretly wondering that Riko might be the same as me, because she always immediately knocks out whenever we’re in a moving vehicle.




Story about nothing

I write down notes for things that I’d like to write about in my blog, but there are words that end up getting deleted because they don’t make it into the final draft I put in my blog,

but I often find that when I read it back later, it feels like I was better off using the words that I’d erased, so now I can’t bring myself to delete the bullet point drafts that I make for my blogs.

Choosing your words is difficult, huh?


I’m thinking that maybe when mobame opens, I’ll send the drafts as well.

What do you guys want to see in my mobame?




That’s all for this time.


I hope to be the brightest star in your heart💫
This was Odakura Reina!


Tomorrow will be the just freshly turned 18 Nagi!
Congrats. I wish for Nagi to have a wonderful year ahead of her~!



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