Kojima Nagisa here! I’ve just turned 18! (2023.07.09)




Hi everyone! KonNagi~👐🏻
I’m Kojima Nagisa from Nagano prefecture who has just turned 18.





From the meet & greet on July 2nd

I’m free to choose my hairstyle from this day on, so I styled it like my favorite V-eSports player, Shinomiya Runa-chan 💟


I wonder if anyone noticed?


A while ago, on July 7th, I welcomed my 18th birthday!


Thank you to those who celebrated it! To feel such love from people around me, my life is filled with more gratitude for you all.




It’s difficult to say it out loud, but I want to convey my gratitude towards my parents who have been raising me up until now, for the fact that I managed to reach my adulthood just fine.




It makes me even more thankful to my parents, now that I’m living away from them. Even though it was like a routine as they always prepared lunch box for me every day back when I was in middle-school and high-school, eating it during the afternoon break was always something that I looked forward to. I wish I could have some again.



I now understand how difficult it is to just go through each and every day ever since I started to living alone.



My mother always woke up early to prepare my lunch box while also taking care of all the housework. My father always supported everything that I wanted to try, and helped with my studies and extracurricular activities. My brother never got into a fight with me and was always accepting, no matter how selfish I could be. Moreover, everyone in my family was always listening to whatever I had to say, whether it was some pointless menial story or some small problem I was having, which always helped guide me towards a better direction I would have taken otherwise.



Also, even now I still have many friends who contact me on regular basis. Everyone is so kind.



I would like to give back for everything they have done, in the future.




In addition to that, right now I have you all, my dear Buddies. I think there are not that many occupations which can bring happiness to a lot of people like this.



Many of you prepared birthday cakes for me during the meet & greet,,, I wish that I could’ve eaten them all 🍰


Whenever you all share your love with me during meet & greet, I always feel thankful for becoming an idol. Thank you very much!!




I’m looking forward to your continued support!!






These are the flowers I got from you all back during the 3rd tour!
I wanted to write messages for each of them, but the messages would have been impossible to read packed into one message, so I made it this way!

I’ve looked at each one of them earnestly! It made me so happy to receive your thoughts.
I’m so grateful for all the love given to the 3rd gens and to me as well. Thank you very much!

However, I’m sure they cost quite a lot of time and money, so just be sure not to go overboard❗️







I watched Miu’s (Murayama Miu) SHOWROOM!
We’re not dating! But we’re getting along well together ☺︎


Miu mentioned a lot of things she likes about me. I also got a call from her!
I cried, simply out of joy and because of her kindness 🥲


I love Miu’s smile, her serious look, really whatever expression she’s making. Let’s stay together forever from now on. Okay?




It always feels comforting to be with the 3rd gens, so much so that I hope we can always stay close together from now on. I guess it’s because everyone is so kind.




I got birthday presents from Yu (Murai Yu) and Airi (Taniguchi Airi)~ 🎀



It feels like Yu (Murai Yu) really understands me. I didn’t even tell her what I wanted, but surprisingly she got it for me as a present. Eeh, could it be that she’s Santa? She always looked fluffy and lovely, but that was such a gentlemen move that I might’ve fallen for her.



I’m using the present I got from Airi (Taniguchi Airi) every day ❤︎. I’m engulfed in a soothing smell when I use it and it helps me to sleep~

Thanks to that, recently I am able to sleep in just 3 seconds just like back in the day (*straight face)
Now Airi is the last thing that’ll appear in my mind before I go to sleep!
Together with Itoha (Mukai Itoha), I gave a rubber duck to Airi as a present. I hope that will make her think about us when taking a bath~



I also got a love letter from Rika, where she mentioned a lot of things that she likes about me ❤︎
It was so lovely that I even hugged my smart phone. Rika is cute, be it when she speaks directly or through her writing, right? Rika will always be there to listen to me with love. I’ll let myself be spoiled by her even more from now on.



Yuzu sent me a message written in all half-width sized characters, which simply made me laugh, hihi
Yuzu is always able to make me smile. Ever since the first time we met, it felt like we have a similar way of thinking, such that I was gradually able to talk more and more with her.
It makes me feel safe whenever Yuzu is around 😌






Thank you, Yuttan!!






I got such a cute Line message from Shizuki.
Shi~ is around the same age as me 💫
I wanted to write down what she sent to me for her fans, but I think she wouldn’t like it, so I’ll keep it as a secret 🎀
Even though now I’m older, we’ll keep on loving each other.



When we had a walk, Riko (Endo Riko), Mio (Matono Mio), and Itoha (Mukai Itoha) surprised me by screaming loudly and fast : “Nagichan!! Happy Birthday!! Congratulations!!”. My face back then was like →😵

They were in such a mood that it was really fun, I wish I could show you a video of it hehehe

It was on the level in which I could’ve been the number 1 scaredy-cat.
I was happy, but it was so sudden that my heart felt like jumping out.
All 3 of them are younger than me 🫶🏻
The one who is more mature and dependable than me, but at times wants to be spoiled (the tsundere Riko-chan), the one who is so active and playful just like someone of her age (the innocent Itopi), and the one who falls asleep easily (the sleepy Mio-chan), they are all just so cute.



Lastly, it’s Reina.
Reina is always saying words that make my heart feel brighter. I feel like I can always do better whenever Reina is giving me her support 👊🏻
Reina’s birthday is coming soon, so I hope that I can also say things that will make Reina feel brighter!
It will come real soon. I’m looking forward to the moment where ReiNyagi will be the same age again ☺︎





And that, was a special feature of my beloved 3rd gens 💐. There is nothing in particular about the writing order. I’m just feeling so happy that I want to talk about it to all of you.


I hope that from now on, us 3rd gens can become more and more open with each other so we can join together and move forward!




My seniors also congratulated me on my birthday.
It really makes me happy that they remembered my birthday in the first place. Thank you very much! You all are so kind.




Habu-san! Thank you for mentioning it during your SHOWROOM! My birthday is the same as Habu-san’s, so I decided that we have an affinity with one another.

We’re the Orihime duo 🌌

Once again, happy birthday to you too, Habu-san! I wish for it to be a romantic year, just like Tanabata,, 💭
[T/N: both of them were born on the day of Tanabata, which traditionally celebrates the meeting of deities Orihime and Hikoboshi, in which Orihime refers to the Vega star constellation]






🌷Q & A Corner🌷
I’ll answer some of the questions that I got during meet & greet or through fan letters (sorry that I can only respond to small amount of them~)



○Have you ever played Pokemon?
There are some cartridges back at my house (Pearl, Black, Black 2, X, Omega Ruby, PokePark Wii: Pikachu’s Adventure~ are the ones that came to mind), however those are not mine, but my brother’s. I basically just watched him play, hihi.
Hence, I kind of remember the contents.




I did watch the Pokemon-related TV shows~

I watched Pokemon Smash! and Pokemon Get⭐︎TV, which were airing back then


How nostalgic~


My family loves Pokemon GO. At the end of this month, the app Pokemon Sleep will be released, so I’m also looking forward to that ☺︎


Hence, it makes me happy to hear that Morita-san said that I looked like Torchic. That makes me and Murai Yu (=Charmander) a duo of fire type pokemon. We’re burning up!



By the way, I got “Diglett” as a result of my sleep chronotypes diagnosis from Pokemon Sleep. One characteristic that matches is that it’s hard to wake up once I’m asleep!






○Tell me the names of some anime that you’ve been watching recently!

Ones that I’ve watched recently :

– Kuroko no Basket
– Oshi no Ko
– Horimiya – piece –
– Yamada-kun to Lv.999 no Koi wo suru
– Re:ZERO kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu


Ones that I’ve watched up to the end :

– Horimiya
– Girls with Guns
– Skip and Loafer
– Blue Lock
– Blue Period
– Bocchi the Rock!
– Classroom of the Elite
– The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten
– I Got a Cheat Skill in Another World and Became Unrivaled in the Real World, Too
– Rascal Does not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai
– Rascal Does not Dream of a Dreaming Girl
– Life Lessons with Uramichi Oniisan
– The Quintessential Quintuplets (I watched the entire series)
– Haikyuu!!



Perhaps there are more, but I guess that’s about it! I’ll write again should I start to watch another series.


I do not know much about anime, but in case there are some of you who like anime, let’s talk about it during the meet & greet! I’m looking forward to it!!!!





○What is your favorite clothing brand?
In general, I’ll buy clothes that catch my attention, no matter what the brand is!

By the way, the clothes I wore during SHOWROOM the other day were from RESEXXY, and the ones during meet &greet on July 2nd were from MAJESTIC LEGON! If you like, I’ll talk more about it someday!





End of the Q & A corner! I’ll do another one next time!
I’m always waiting for your questions 🪄







🌷Recent update🌷

❶ I got a new shower head the other day, allowing me to live more comfortably. Thank you, mom!!





❷ The “Nijisanji Koushien” that I always look forward to on summer every year is being held as well this year!

To explain in briefly for those who don’t know, Vtubers are gathering to play Power Pros!

It was fun listening to the dialogue between the Vtubers that are attending during the meeting for the draft!
I’m giving my support to all of the participating high-schools!
Watching it makes me want to play Power Pros as well, hihi.



Speaking about Nijisanji in summer, I watched Fuwa Minato-san’s radio exercise! It was funny as always, I laughed so much that my stomach hurt, hihihi


Speaking of which, back during elementary school, you’d wake up early at around 6.30 AM, then go for radio exercise in the field, right?

Doing it now is unimaginable 🙃

Even without radio exercise, I want to enjoy spending my time in the summer,,






❸ I want to go and watch a movie so bad!
I don’t really like to go out, so I’d rather watch movies while lazing around at home, but now I just want to go and watch one in a theater!
Are there any movies you’re looking forward too? 👀









I wonder if any of you are having summer fatigue? It is getting really hot these days, so be careful not to get heat stroke! I’m also not good with summer, but I kind of hoped that with summer fatigue, my appetite would decrease. I need to do something about my stomach who knows no limits.







Next up is Airi! Look forward to it 🎶

In the previous blog, I wrote that I’m now able to eat plums, and that I asked Airi to recommend me any plum-based foods. Now, Airi has promised to go and eat plum together with me.

Recently, I keep on choosing the rice ball with plum filling, hihihi. The unprecedented plum boom has come.


Well then, that’ll be it for today! Bye-bye!


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