13. Endo Riko’s Turn Has Come. (2023.07.18)


Thank you for opening this blog. ☺︎



I’m Endo Riko, a 17 year old 2nd year high school student from Saitama.





Did you wait for Riko’s blogー?
I’m happy if you waited for me. ♪



Since I’m writing this late at night, I will be delivering it with a midnight tension.



When you can’t sleep at night, or when you wake up too early in the morning,
What do you do during that time~?



For me, I watch drama or anime until I fall asleep. lol



Recently I just watched a drama called “Burn The House Down”~!


For anime,
I’m watching “Horimiya”.
(Airi recommended it to me!)



I want you guys to tell me your recommended anime and dramas!!








[I styled my hair a lot~♪]





It’s a 🐻.













How is it, the hair styles?!

These are pictures from the Meet & Greet~



It seems like everyone likes seeing me in a twintail! 🧐




Look forward to the next Meet & Greet okay.
What kind of hairstyle do you likeー?


I’m happy when I styled my hair and everyone praised me for it~🤭
I will come back again cutely next time, so wait for me okay!!







[Soko Magattara, Sakurazaka?🌸]



Even during the Meet & Greet too,
A lot of people congratulated me, saying “Congrats for the Shiga location shoot!”, 

That’s right!!
Shiga location shoot has been decided~ ☺︎



My first time going to Shiga prefecture, my first location shoot!!!

I’m happy, I’m looking forward to it!! ☺︎☺︎




By the way,
Have you guys watched the “Academic Ranking” episode?

What rank did you guys think I would place in…?


Did I exceed your expectations…?



I messed up in the buzzer quiz, ( ´ ▽ ` )
I’m embarrassed~!!


Truth is, I didn’t know anything about the other questions. 🤫







[Things Lately]



The other day I went to karaoke by myself! 🎤


The songs from the 6th single were already available~!!


I’m happy that they properly put “Seijaku no Bouryoku” and “Anthem time” in it too~♪




The songs I often sing during karaoke are:

・”Haru Dorobou”
・”Tada Kimi ni Hare”


・”Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari”


And so on…!



”Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari” is a song I used to play when I was in the light music club. Since it feels nostalgic and I also like the song, I often sing it. ☺︎



Do you guys also go to karaoke by yourself?

I’m now used to going by myself ever since a year ago~!







[Time for Question Corner☺︎]



◯Do you have any favorite characters?


For Sanrio characters, I like Pompompurin, and for Disney character, I like Duffy. 🧐




◯What Oden ingredient do you like?

Oden 🍢 huh~
I like yarn konjac and hanpen.

It made me want to eat oden!




◯Do you usually wear headphonesー?

I don’t wear headphones~
But people who wear headphones are so cool, I admire them. lol




◯Have you ever been to Shizuokaー?

I have not…
I want to try going there〜☺︎
I have only seen Mt. Fuji from Yamanashi, that’s why I wanted to try seeing it from Shizuoka! lol

There’s still a lot of prefectures I have never visited!







🐶What team are you guys? Team Riko of course~!🐶





Today’s theme is~


Are you guys team yakiniku?
Or team sushi~?


That’s the theme!!!!




I was a bit conflicted about the theme for this time…
Since I also love both meat and sushi.




But I’ve decided! I’m team sushi! 🍣



But you guys, you’re Team Riko right…?


#私は理子派 (#I’mTeamRiko)


Using that tag,
Please tell me what team you are okay~☺︎☺︎





Right right,
Talking about sushi, the other day I went to a conveyor belt sushi shop together with Airi~!!


Even though up until recently, the only sushi I eat when I go to sushi shops is tuna,
I have matured a bit, and can now eat various sushis~!!🤭








Lastly, a two-shot!!






It’s Rika🍳

I wanted to post a two-shot picture of RikaRiko~ ☺︎
This is an off-shot during “Natsu no Chikamichi”!
So nostalgic…

I wonder if I improved a bit from that time?





Well then,
The blog for today will end here!!

Thank you for reading until the end.





Next blog is Reina-chan!
I can’t wait~

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