14. I tried becoming a flower. This is Endo Riko~☺︎ (2023.07.29)





It’s been a while..🫡




Thank you for opening this blog.


I’m Endo Riko, a 17 year old from Saitama.







This is sudden but,
Here are the selfies from today~!





I tried wearing floral things!
I wonder if I put them on right,?







I tried making the end of my hair like scattered petals. 💐





While waiting for the Meet & Greet,
I styled my hair!!


I hope everyone will say “I like you~!”, by doing this, right? 🤭,,,🤫





Right right!!
We finally met in Meet & Greet today!!

I’m happy~☺︎
Thank you☺︎☺︎




Did I manage to make everyone happy~,?

I will try  to make everybody’s day a great one tomorrow too!!










Though it’s a bit late,
I appeared in Sakumimi together with Nagi-chan~!!


We answered a lot of your letters!
It was really fun that I got to talk a lot with Nagi-chan☺︎




Ah, by the way,,,
I did my best to use 👶 language~( ´ ▽ ` )🤫


I’ll be happy if you would listen to it.♪










It’s my first time participating in a festival in Osaka!
I managed to perform while having fun with it☺︎
Thank you very much. 🙇




To everyone who came to watch it under such heat,
Thank you very very much!!

Since the distance from the stage is close,
I’m really happy that I got to clearly see everyone’s faces enjoying the performance. ☺︎

I’m also happy that there were people who brought towels, I feel relieved.🤭





Actually on that day, I tried styling my hair to roll outwards. 🤫
Since you guys said that you like it when I style it like that~☺︎



How is it? Me with that style? ( ´ ▽ ` )
Do you like this better or when I roll it inward?









It has been decided that the 3rd gen will be participating!


I feel really honored to receive such a precious opportunity.
The 3rd gen will do their best to leave an impression. ☺︎

I managed to challenge many things this summer.
I will do my best to improve much more from now on too!!






[Mini Live Stream]



Have you guys watched the mini live stream?👀


The full performance of “Seijaku no Bouryoku”.

We performed “Anthem time” for the first time in mini live. ☺︎


How was it?




The center for “Anthem time” is Yuudzu!
The lyrics sound like cheerleading, and the choreography also matches with Yuudzu! ☺︎


The one in charge of the choreography is Maimai-sensei from INFINITY~!🤭




I think from this song,
It can show the unity of 3rd gen.
From now on too, no matter how many years pass, I want people to not forget 3rd gen as a team.




I want to perform in a way that can make the people that are supporting me realize how I have improved. ☺︎


The part where I think I have improved is,

“Dancing is fun!”

I have managed to think like that a lot,
I hope now you can see me performing with a smile on my face!









I got the chance to see the final rehearsal of the stage play where Kobayashi Yui-san appears in “The Hidden Fortress”!


The figure of Yui-san standing on top of the stage is really cool.


Even though I really want to write about my feelings,
It might become a spoiler, so I will hold it in.☺︎


Because it was such an amazing and fun stage play, I lost myself in it!







🐶What team are you guys~? Team Riko of course~!🐶




Are you guys team soba?
Or team udon~?




I decided this in an instant~!!!
I’m team udon!!!!!



No matter what kind of noodle dish it is,
I like udon the most~☺︎

Udon > soba = ramen = pasta = somen


I rank them in that order. ☺︎




But for you guys, it’s team Riko right? 👀


#私は理子派 (#I’mTeamRiko)

Use that tag,
And please tell me what team you’re on okay~😉








The blog for today will end here.



Thank you very much for reading until the end.




Look forward to the next one, okay~!




Tomorrow is Reina-chan🤭

The peace sign ✌️ that appeared in today’s picture was Reina-chan’s hand~!!


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