Odakura Reina, 19 years old, from Tokyo. (2023.07.30)




Happy Sunday.



I like sweating in the heat of summer.
Doesn’t it make you feel like you’re living the season?

This year, rather than summer, it’s burning emotion
that I’d like to make lots of fun memories with.





I am Odakura Reina
19 years old (NEW !), from Tokyo.



I turned 19 on July 25th.

While I’m feeling anxious and immersed in my expanding world,
I also get to spend every single day having fun.


To everyone who congratulated me in meet & greet, letters, and everywhere else,
Thank you so much!
I’ve never had such a huge number of people send me birthday wishes in my life, it’s been making me so happy that I keep smiling to myself.

My goal as a 19 year old is
“To live powerfully and give everything my all”
I’ll be doing my best~




July 29th, 30th Meet & Greet

It’s been 2 weeks since the last one!

I love you all for giving me such kind words and smiles. Thank you as always.


I was trying out a lot of hairstyles for meet & greet, but which one do you like?




・Q&A From Your Letters

Q   Please put your hair up!

A   My bangs have been getting pretty long lately, so I’ve typically been parting them. But I’ll cut them soon!





A face so serious it could be used for a resume


Q  Any mobile games you’ve been playing lately?

A  Sakukoi
Pokemon Sleep


Our seniors are so cute in Sakukoi, I keep calling out “Thank you very much” while playing.
[t/n: truthfully i haven’t played the game so not 100% sure if this is referencing anything. the “thank you very much” is makoto ni arigatougozaimasu which is a very respectful/business-y way of saying thank you]



Q  Please recommend me a book

A  “15 meter no tsuugakuro” by Yamamoto Junji
It was used for a question on a Japanese test I had a while ago, and it touched me so deeply that I went out and bought it after the test was over.
I really recommend it.
[t/n: no officially translated title but I guess like “The 15m Road to School”]





・Stories About the 3rd Gens

There are times I’ll suddenly feel my sleeve being grabbed by her. Also, she tends to style her hair often.


Sometimes when I’m looking at Ito-chan, I can feel a parental kind of love budding. She’s the nicest girl in the world.


I heard she’s a self-proclaimed Sumikko Gurashi.
< Miu Sayings >
Nagi: Apparently this was done by a volunteer~ [t/n: volunteer = yuushi]
Miu: Who is Yuushi? A person? [t/n: she mistakes it for a name xd]
Airi: Well.. that’s not wrong
Nagi: It is wrong
Yu: It means like “optional~”
ODKR: That’s not quite right either…… [t/n: 有志 (yuushi) vs. 任意 (nini); similar, but the former implies joint volition towards a goal rather than “not mandatory”]

The 3rd gen car is in harmony again today.







I was on the show with Miu!
The mood of our conversation was very much like how we normally talk, so please be sure to listen~


I was really surprised to hear that Sakumimi was going to coincide with my birthday! Thank you so much for your wishes.






This was also the first festival the 3rd generation has participated in.

Thank you for coming to the venue in such hot weather. I was so happy to be able to hear your calls and feel your excitement from so close up!

Festivals can really be this fun huh?
Summer has begun~🌻





With Riko-chan~




IDOL RUNWAY COLLECTION Supported by TGC (8/7(Mon))

The 3rd generation members will be performing.
We’ll be giving it our very best!




I’ll wrap things up here.


I hope to be the brightest star in your heart💫
This was Odakura Reina!


Tomorrow will be Nagi~
Nagi is the tsukkomi among the 3rd gens!



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